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Restoran ZK Fish Head Curry @ Jalan Kampung Attap


I just had one of the most expensive lunches at Restoran ZK Kampung Attap, renowned for their Kerala-style fish head curry and award winning ayam goreng madu.
The bill did not came as a surprise to me though, as I already researched the restaurant’s prices prior to coming. So I already anticipated the meal to cost at least RM60 based on the food that we were going to have.

Fish Head Curry Jalan Kg Attap KL

The modus operandi at Restoran ZK is exactly like what you’d expect from a normal mamak restaurant. You can either queue to pick your dishes from the nasi campur display, or simply take a seat and order your food from the staff.
Either way, you will have to decide whether to get the fish head curry, which will immediately set you off between RM30 – RM60 like I mentioned earlier. That said, I highly recommend the ayam goreng madu and you should not leave without trying it.

Fish Head Curry Restoran ZK

Also, do note that they serve a couple of fishes like senangin (available in fillets, suitable for those eating alone), jenahak (golden snapper – biggest portion, most expensive too) and ikan merah (red snapper – smaller and cheaper version of the jenahak)
If you did not specify, you will be served the jenahak fish head curry by default and that will cost you RM60. So if you are planning to eat on a slimmer budget, always check the options first so that you won’t complain later.

Fish Head Curry Meal KL

Here’s what we had for two – a serving of the jenahak fish head curry and two portions of nasi campur. As you can see, although the fish head curry costs RM60, the fish head’s size is even bigger than a plate of rice with all the side dishes. You are definitely getting what you paid for.

ZK Jenahak Fish Head Curry

ZK Fish Head Curry Kg Attap

The fish head curry comes with generous amounts of tofu puff and okra too, making it a wholesome meal even if eaten simply with white rice. Compared to the one we had at Bangsar’s Fish Head Corner, the fish head here is noticeably fresher, not overcooked and much more meatier too. The rich curry gravy is sufficiently spicy, well-seasoned and not too sourish – the flavor is just spot on and appetizing.

ZK Nasi Campur Ayam Goreng

As for the fried chicken, you can have it with or without madu but I think it’d a mistake to omit it. After being coated with a thin layer of sweet sauce, the skin will evidently become not as crispy but the flavor it imparts into the chicken was wonderful enough to compensate the lack of texture.

ZK Nasi Sotong Goreng

My opinion is that you can give the sotong goreng a miss. Although it wasn’t bad, it is simply not as delicious as the fried chicken and it’s more expensive too. Maybe the curry version would be a better choice. If you could only pick one, just stick with the fried chicken, ok? You won’t go wrong with it.

Restoran ZK Price List

Restoran ZK’s prices are still reasonable enough in these trying times. You can still enjoy an honest meal here without breaking the bank considering a normal serving of nasi campur with chicken or fish is at an affordable RM6.50.

Restoran ZK Fish Head Curry

Despite having to fork out close to RM80 for this meal, the experience was worth it and Restoran ZK’s fish head curry did live up to its name.
For those planning to try the fish head curry here, my suggestion is that you come in a group so that the damage won’t be too bad. The fish head curry could be easily shared among 4-6 people anyway.

Restoran ZK Kg Attap KL

Restoran ZK
76 Jalan Kampung Attap
50460, KL
Business hours: 11am – 4pm daily

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