Ril’s Steakhouse @ Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar


For a restaurant that claims to serve ‘the best Steak in KL‘ I expect Ril’s to the very least, be able to prepare my meat properly according to my specified doneness. I don’t know why but the steaks I have had recently all have been less than satisfying due to overcooking. And the fact that they always get it right for my dining partner but not for mine only makes things even more frustrating.


Complimentary buns baked in house, fresh and fluffy. Nice and all but honestly I think just some normal salted butter would do – maybe even better than the fancy ones they provide.


Just for the record I have been to Ril’s Steakhouse at The Warehouse and this post is about their newly opened branch in Bangsar. Since we already tried their grass fed and prime Wagyu in our last visit we decided to give the others a try. I had the Australian Angus Rib Eye (grain fed 300g, RM152) while SL had the Sticky Beef Short Rib @ RM72. Because the latter does not look very appealing I am not going to show it but it was delicious alright – the meat was so tender it falls off the bone literally.


Proof that my steak was overcooked, this was nowhere near medium rare. Thinking back, I regretted not sending it back to have it replaced.


The desserts here are a-o-kay but man, they really do cost a bomb. Apple Crumble @ RM22, served on a piece of tile instead of plate.


Eton Mess Royale @ RM22 – basically layers of crispy meringue, berries (the blackberries are frozen unfortunately), whipped cream and hibiscus jam.


And lastly Chocolate Fondant with The Last Polka’s Gula Melaka ice cream @ RM26, sounds unique right? Anyway I think the fondant was not really well done because its centre was almost solid instead of being gooey and melting. I might be nitpicking but then I paid a whopping RM26 for it so I think a perfect pudding was a reasonable expectation. In the end, the ice cream was really the only saving grace, which I find kind of ironic.



To sum it up, it was an average dining experience at best with more misses than hits.

Ril’s Bangsar
No 30, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Thanks VKeong! As always, I really appreciate your honest opinion. There are simply too many restaurants in KL that claim to be “the best” in so-and-so; we don’t have time (or the money) to try them all, do we? Keep up the good work, buddy

  2. Unfortunately, either the standard has dropped or it’s over-hyped up. Been there twice and once to Bangsar branch, ’twas disappointing. Poorly trained wait staff, undercooked fish pie( which was over salted and prawns not fresh), steak was ordered medium rare, but more medium done.
    Once we had to wait over an hour for the food to arrive. Twice went and quite a few mains were not available…..agonising experience for the price.

  3. I’m kinda disappointed with most of d service in Malaysia, even a posh restaurant…. I reckon only hotel yet sky high, heart attack bill could end up my day. Why couldn’t eerily have a very cool meal n just 20 pounds each in Malaysia.

  4. I had my terrible experience in Ril’s Steakhouse. I visited on 30th April 2013, ordered a RM138 Austrlian Agus Rib Eye (300g), medium rare.

    The steak came and 2/3 of the steak was medium well, 1/3 was rare (how can it be?), so I rejected the steak and ask them to cook again.

    Second steak came back looks good, and I cut in front of the manager, seem great, medium rare, however after I tasted it, it was cooked outside but chill inside.

    I gave feedback (not complaint) to the manager James, at first he didn’t bother apologies, until I told him that I cook my own steak at home and the steak should be in room temperature before grilling. So I asked him directly whether his steak was frozen, only he admitted that they do not have enough time to defrost…and he apologies….

    Their service was okay, but charge with the 5Star price, their service and food quality certainly some room for improvement…ambient was great btw..

    The place is not easy to find, and you have to park on the pedestrian walk way..DBKL may toll your car away.


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