RM1.20 Nasi Lemak @ Jalan 223, Petaling Jaya

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As part of an effort to hunt for cheap and tasty food, I landed myself at Selera Jaya 223 @ Petaling Jaya for their famous nasi lemak. The nasi lemak here is well known for being prepared hot and fresh with delicious sambal. I believe what appeals to many the most (including me) is the affordable price at RM1.20 per pack. Anyway, from what I gathered the price used to be RM1 not too long ago. Guess inflation is the biggest culprit eh?


There are two brands of nasi lemak being sold here, one being ‘Yati‘ and the other ‘Suri‘. Both are placed on almost every table in the food court, differentiated only by the packets’ somewhat faded ink stamps.
Yati’s nasi lemak has red ink stamps on them, while Suri’s has blue ink stamps instead. The packets are warm to touch too, a good indication that the nasi lemak is indeed freshly prepared to ensure the top quality and taste. Personally I prefer Yati’s nasi lemak simply because sambal pedas is used, which gives the kick.


Just because I preferred Yati’s, this does not mean Suri’s nasi lemak is bad. If you have low tolerance for spicy food, then Suri’s is the better good choice. The sambal is more watery, with the taste closely resembling sweet chili crab’s gravy. Usually half a boiled egg and some fried anchovies are included in each pack. But if you’re lucky you might get one with a full egg, just like I did lol. And since the packets are quite small, one could easily finish a few with ease.


Apparently the iced Milo here is popular as well for its thickness, or ‘kao’ enough. Knowing that beforehand, I ordered a cup @ RM1.60 without hesitation. True enough, the Milo ais is one of the thickest (not sweetest) I have had so far. Anyway, the thickest Milo ais remains the one that I prepared myself, lol.


A type of otak-otak, called otak-otak kempas is also available here @ RM0.60 a piece. I tried one but it tasted normal only.


One thing I should mention is the maybe-a-little-over-enthusiastic waiters, who will rush at customers as well as trying to pull them to their own stalls. The moment we stepped into the food court, at least five waiters immediately surrounded trying to promote their specialties from sup kambing to maggi goreng. It was intimidating at first, but eventually they will leave you alone after you placed your orders.
Anyway, before we left the food court I went around to snap some photos of the environment as usual. Then, a waiter pulled me over to their stall and requested me to take photos of them doing teh tarik, wtf?! In this situation, I believe it’s hard to say no for anyone lol. You see, the guy was so happy he even gave a thumbs-up!


Then, it was his turn to demonstrate his teh tarik skills.. lol.


After that, even their boss joined in the fun lol. He was standing outside when all these happened and thought “I gotta show these youngsters my leet skills of pulling tea”. With that, he took over (actually shooed the other waiters, lol) and put up his performance for my camera as well. Man, this is by far my funniest and most memorable food blogging experience.


If only this place is not that far from Seri Kembangan, I would have no hesitation to return regularly. Quite a nice place for a quick supper with some friends, too. So, if you’re interested, Selera Jaya 223 is located at Jalan 223, Petaling Jaya, which is also the same road where Amway is located. Direction to the place via Wikimapia.

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