Roast Goose @ Yung Kee Restaurant 鏞記酒家, Central Hong Kong

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Yung Kee Restaurant located at the heart of Central is one of the top restaurants in Asia according to various restaurant guides. They serve a number of award winning Chinese dishes but Roast Goose is the main reason why they are so popular. Just how popular you ask? Well, the demand for Yung Kee’s roast goose is so high that as many as 300 birds are sold daily and it is even served in first and business class on board Cathay Pacific’s flights. So with that in mind, we thought Yung Kee was worth a visit despite their reputation of being expensive.


Among the many places we ate in Hong Kong, Yung Kee is be the classiest of all. Service is much more friendlier and attentive too, which kind of explains the prices here. And maybe because we already expected the price to be sky high, we were not very shocked when browsing the menu. In fact, we found Yung Kee’s pricing is similar to what Yue Kee is charging. Half a bird (two to four person portion) costs $240 while a quarter (two-person portion) goes for $120.



Looks mouth-watering good, right? It definitely is. Sadly, the reality is that it will be very difficult for us to get a roast goose that could match the flavor, smoky fragrance and texture of Yung Kee’s in Malaysia. No matter which piece you pick from the plate may it be the thigh, drumstick or breast, the meat tastes equally juicy and delicious. And of course the crispy skin with a thin layer of fat underneath was our favorite part.


Said to be one of the ‘must try’ delicacies here, the dry-tasting Roast Pigeon was actually quite disappointing. We should have ordered a larger portion of the roast goose and skipped this instead.


Various waxed meats and Chinese sausages for sale in the restaurant. Man, they are not cheap at all. While I was looking the staff told me Yung Kee’s waxed meats are also exported overseas (Malaysia included), mostly used to prepare ‘Lap Mei Fun’ (Waxed Meat Rice in Claypot).


Between Yung Kee and Yue Kee, personally I would say that the latter is slightly more superior. But Yue Kee is located at Sham Tseng and even if you take a taxi, it will take at least two to three hours of your vacation time just to have a meal there. If both time and money are limited, maybe it is better to simply eat at a random restaurant or ask a local instead for alternative places to have roast goose. Who knows it could be just as good as Yung Kee and Yue Kee? Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, most tourists like me come for Yung Kee’s fame anyway.

鏞記酒家, Yung Kee Restaurant
32 Wellington St
Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

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