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Yut Kee Roast Pork Roll with Apple Sauce


If there’s any coffee shop in KL that I think is a must visit, it has to be Yut Kee Restaurant, said to be the oldest surviving Hainanese Coffee Shop (since 1928!) For over 80 years it has served at least four generations of KL-ians. Many working people still make a quick stop at this coffee shop every morning for their traditional cakes, bread and coffee for breakfast. It is most crowded during weekends when families come here for breakfasts or brunch.
The famous Hainanese Chicken Chop, Roti Babi, half boiled egg and toasts aside, what makes Yut Kee even better is their Roast Pork Roll that sells only for two days in a week – Fridays and Sundays from 11am to 1pm only.


The Roast Pork Roll in its full glory. Notice that there is stuffing unlike the traditional Chinese Roast Pork.


I am pretty sure you can buy them in 1 full roll for special occasions and parties. I was told that previously they only had this for Chinese New Year. Realizing there is a strong demand for their Roast Pork Roll, they decided to make it available on normal days too.


The meat used is well marbled, leaner and contains very little fat. Gotta love the roasted pork skin’s crunchiness that makes crackling sound in your mouth. And I almost didn’t believe the crispness it exhibited when the skin detached from the meat so easily with little effort.


A single portion has only two rather thin slices of roast pork @ RM10. Cheap? No I don’t think so but I am happy to pay for it. At Yut Kee, a dollop of homemade Apple Sauce is served with the roast pork. Although it seems like refreshing way of eating, I prefer to enjoy them plain just the way it is. I felt the Apple Sauce’s taste was quite heavy and overtook the roast pork’s flavor.


Hainanese Chicken Chop @ RM8. Judging by rave reviews it got from numerous sources, I felt it was waaaaaaaay overrated. The chicken chop felt very soggy because the gravy was too watery, it was quite a disaster.


Lum Mee @ RM6.50 that surprisingly tasted more like prawn mee. This is highly recommended, the intense flavor of the noodle’s broth was just amazing.


Disappointing Lamb Chop @ RM12. It suffered the same fate like the Chicken Chop earlier for having a too diluted gravy. Even if I were to overlook that, the lamb pieces were not good too because they were too fatty and smelled way too gamey for my liking.
I think I am the first to give bad comments about their famous chops chops lol. But forget about those first and go for the traditional toasts with kaya and coffee and roast pork, which I think are truly the real deals.


Come early to avoid long waits yeah!

Yut Kee Restaurant
35, Jalan Dang Wangi, 50100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2298 8108
GPS Coordinates: N3 09.373 E101 42.011 (malfreemaps)

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