Rosdee Thai-Chinese Restaurant @ Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok

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I think there will be a very slim chance of tourists eating at Rosdee because its distance from Bangkok city centre. But because the hotel we stayed at is located just a stone throw’s away from the restaurant, we decided to have a light brunch here after getting the locals’ recommendation.


Rosdee is a Thai-Chinese restaurant that specializes in braised goose, various roast meats and they also serve a wide range of typical Chinese and traditional Thai food. The menu is quite thick with over hundreds of dishes (English and Chinese translation provided) to choose from. The family-oriented restaurant’s service is friendly with a smile and the prices are affordable too – not street cheap but at least reasonable. From what we noticed, there weren’t many customers dining in like us since the majority of their sales are through take-away and deliveries.


I have eaten quite a lot of braised stuff but Rosdee’s braised goose is something new. Seems like it is not really braised – as in slowly cooked in sauce, more like roasted first then have the sauce added on top of it. Nevertheless it was quite delicious (served lukewarm, could be better if it was warmer) and the mustard greens help to add a appetizing flavor to it.


One of the best roast pork we ever had, and surprisingly it is found in a random restaurant we did not even planned to eat at. No wonder people say you must try the roast porks in Thailand. The crackling on these are amazing, and that delightful crunching sound when you sink your teeth in? Even the person seated across you could hear it.


The fish cakes are pretty normal though, quite similar to what you could get in our local Thai restaurants. The only thing worth mentioning would be the dipping sauce that is not the normal-branded-out-of-the-bottle Thai chili sauce, but an own concocted one with lime, chili and loads of peanuts.


Old school soft drinks like these are everywhere in Thailand. Bottled ones always taste better don’t you think? I am so glad glass bottled Coca-Cola is making a comeback in Malaysia too.


Actually there are many street foods in this area but but if you want to play safe face communication problems (English is not widely spoken here), at least you know there’s a good restaurant like Rosdee around. It is easy to find too, just next to the staircase leading up to the Bang Chak BTS station.

Rosdee Restaurant
2357 Th Sukhumvit
Public Transport: BTS Bang Chak Exit 2
Business hours: 8am-9pm

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