Roti Tsunami @ Roti Canai Pak Ali, Pantai Dalam

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Roti Canai Pak Ali might not serve the best roti canai in town, but that doesn’t stop the stall from being packed every morning. Students, working people and residents nearby all gather to enjoy a their breakfast before going about their day.
The most popular dish here is Roti Tsunami, which is basically a roti canai ‘banjir’ topped with two half boiled eggs.


Almost everyone who eats here order the Roti Tsunami. A standard serving @ RM2.40 consists of a piece of shredded roti canai in a pool of sardine curry and dhal, served with a dollop of sambal followed by a pair of fresh half-boiled eggs.


If you think there’s nothing revolutionary about this combination, well you are right. You can easily get this at any place that serves roti canai, but what makes Pak Ali more successful than the rest is that he managed to brand this particular dish.
When people hear about Roti Tsunami, they automatically think of Pak Ali’s stall. This goes to show how important branding is in the F&B world.


Safe to say if you don’t like roti banjir, you won’t like this as well. Personally I feel the Roti Tsunami tasted pretty standard – similar to what you get at a decent roti canai stall. I do like the sambal though, as it adds a nice savory spiciness touch which improved the overall experience.


In all fairness, there’s certainly nothing you can or should complain about it considering its affordable price. The portion is rather sufficient as breakfast, and if it doesn’t, just request for an extra piece of roti canai for a more filling meal.


First timers may have difficulties locating the stall. The easiest way is to look for the “Perumahan Pantai Permai” signboard, as the stall is directly behind it. Refer photo above for details.


Kedai Roti Canai Pak Ali

Jalan Pantai Permai, Pantai Dalam, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
Hours: 7am – 11am (come before 10.30am), closed on Mondays
Tel: 016-697 4335

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