S.Wine Café @ B.I.G, Publika Solaris Dutamas


**Warning: Non-halal post**

So I have succumbed to peer pressure and finally tried S.Wine at Publika. It is one of the more hyped restaurants in the mall because one, it is owned by BIG group – the same that also owns the highly popular Plan B, and two, the menu is full of pork dishes.


The interior is so quirky and funky blah blah blah, honestly I don’t really care. Anyway here’s a cliche photo mosaic of the restaurant because that seems to be the trend in food blogging.


Pea & Ham soup @ RM14 was the best tasting dish we had that night and it came totally as a pleasant surprise to all of us. However, the presentation was quite awful, not sure if the chef had a shaky hands or what, the creme fraiche was laced to look like there were tadpoles in the soup – simply unappetizing.


Loaded Potato Skins @ RM14 – Crispy on the edges with a cheesy gooey center, delicious. Great for sharing since it comes in three pieces.


Pork Meatballs @ RM19 – Also comes in three, drenched in marinara sauce and topped with cheese. Generous portions, plump and very juicy.


SL’s Chirazo Cheeseburger @ RM26 – The pork patty is very compact with meat but tastes kind of dry. And I think the price is not really justified for something that is just ‘ok’.


The biggest disappointment (most expensive too) of the meal goes to the Sticky Ribs with Chip and Slaw @ RM80. This humongous slab of ribs is impressive to the eyes alright but looks can also be very, very deceiving. No matter how hungry or big an eater you are, I highly suggest you to share this with at least three people or else you will find this dish a real struggle to finish. Although the meat is fall-off-the-bone-tender, the sauce is plain boring and uninspiring. The three of us basically forced ourselves to finish it for the sake of not wasting food.


Solely based on what we ordered, I would say that the starters are better than the mains. Overall it wasn’t a great nor bad dining experience and even though the service here is great, it is highly unlikely we will return to S.Wine again.

S.Wine Cafe
Lot 1A 83-95, Level UG1, Publika
Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Hello
    I appreciate your well constructed review of this restaurant, even if I will not eat here. It is nice to see people who can post honest and informative reviews to help people assess whether or not the dining experience is what they are seeking. I don’t get how people just eat at hyped up places and say it was soooo great when it isn’t! Cheers!

  2. the one and only time I was at S.wine I didn’t find myself liking the food. Portions are probably way too huge for my liking and that somewhat dilutes the “core” ingredients… this seems to run common at BIG restaurants though

    • they will still attract lots of customers because of their clever interior designs, plus a few ‘hard-core’ bloggers who will promote their restaurants to no end. I think you know who I am talking about

  3. Having tried a number of dishes from their menu (I generally prefer a larger sample size before making comments or reviews) most dishes are good but not outstanding. However, there are some gems that you sadly did not pick. Their watermelon lychee salad, the sausage and bacon chunk pasta and their Cesar salad are worth trying.


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