Saba Middle Eastern Cuisine Restaurant @ Cyberjaya

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It’s a shame that I have been working in Cyberjaya for over a year and I have yet to post any food in this area. Well, to be honest there are not many great restaurants nearby. The good ones would be expensive or too far for a typical working day’s lunch or dinner. I only allocate RM5 to RM7 for a meal you know? It seems a lot but actually it’s just enough to buy yourself a decent, edible meal in Cyberjaya. Then I found Saba, a restaurant serving Middle Eastern food.


Starting with the nicest of all the food I have had before at Saba – Lamb Tikka Rice @ RM15. A plate of rice cooked using spices served with flavorful cuts of lamb which were first marinated with yogurt and spices. I don’t know what were those placed on top of the rice but I didn’t like it because they tasted sourish.
If you look carefully at the next dishes, the rice used in Middle Eastern cuisine has a slimmer and longer shape. The rice was so skillfully cooked that each grain was separated from each other completely!


Followed by Lamb Kebab Rice @ RM12. The difference between this and Lamb Tikka is obviously the lamb – which was grilled on a skewer instead. The only reason this dish lost out to Lamb Tikka was because the meat was too dry and lacked flavor if compared to Lamb Tikka. Don’t misunderstand though, I am not saying Saba’s Lamb Kebab is bad, just that their Lamb Tikka is too good hence making the rest seem so so. Another lamb dish I tried was Lamb Kabsah @ RM15 which was lamb wrapped in aluminum foil and pressure cooked with herbs.


If you don’t like lamb, you could opt for Chicken Kebab instead @ RM9/10.. can’t really remember. Oh you can choose between rice and pita bread for any kebab set too. Like for this one, the Chicken Kebab was served with pita bread so it came with some extra fries and sauce. I feel pita bread is more suitable for girls because the portion of rice served is very big.


Yeah I know the food I have mentioned cost more than what I have allocated for my daily meals. This is where the Quarter Roast Chicken Rice @ RM8 comes into picture. Eight bucks for a quarter chicken meal with plenty of flavorful rice is a steal in Cyberjaya, and you are guaranteed to be full after finishing it lol. Remember to request for the imported chili sauce to spice things up, it tastes different from the local ones. Besides, the chili sauce adds the much needed moisture too.


Another thing you should try here is the Barbican drink – an imported non-alcoholic malt beverage @ RM3 each. It comes in different flavors too like Regular, Lemon (best), Rasberry and Peach. If you are wondering, Barbican tastes like sparkling juice minus the over-sweetness.


There are actually many other Middle East Restaurants nearby. You can even find one in MMU itself but I have surveyed the prices there. It’s far more expensive than Saba, which is why I recommend this restaurant instead. The food here is no doubt rated above average to good for me, but I really dislike the bad service. That ‘don’t care’ or ‘tak kisah’ attitude displayed by the staff especially the cashier is quite annoying sometimes. Other than that, it’s quite OK and the food is definitely halal. Saba Restaurant is located opposite Cyberjaya’s bus terminal at the newly opened shoplots, only a few shops away from Secret Recipe.

Saba Middle Eastern Cuisine Restaurant
GPS Coordinates: N2 55.370 E101 39.072


Lamb Kebab


Chicken Kebab


Lamb Tikka


Quarter Roasted Chicken

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