Sai Kong Restaurant @ Kepong Baru & Bandar Menjalara

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Sai Kong (or Sai Gong) is a restaurant that has had a long presence in Kepong. Janwa Thai aside, it is also one of the restaurants that we could always count on whenever we are unsure of where to eat.


Since we treat Sai Kong as a family restaurant for simple meals, we usually order the normal stuff and nothing too fancy. The fish head curry (Garoupa) here is one of my favorite dishes because the fish is always fresh and the curry flavor really suits my taste bud.



Coconut Milk Gravy Seafood in Claypot is a specialty at Sai Kong, recommended if you like fragrant and rich tasting food to go with white rice. This style of cooking can be ordered with crabs, prawns, squids or clams – whichever suits your preference. And of course they will be priced differently accordingly.


Steamed Patin – fresh because it was picked from the live fish tank but the amount of fat at the belly is a bit off-putting.


When it comes to pork ribs, the Sesame Pork Ribs always comes as the top recommendation from the boss at Bandar Menjalara’s branch. He himself personally vouched for this dish saying “You must trust me, when people recommend you something, you must trust him” And so we did. Flavor wise it is quite expected from the colors – honey sweet and sour but with a slight twist: there’s vinegar too. So be warned if you don’t like food with a vinegar-ish taste.


But I still feel the Stewed Pork Ribs with Potato is better.


Three Cup Chicken – this classic Taiwanese dish is prepared with three main ingredients of sesame oil, rice wine and soy sauce. The sauce, albeit little, is not as oily as what I have had at other restaurants and tastes really good with rice as well.


Ginger and Scallion Fish prepared with Garoupa fillets – not the best rendition you can find in town because the fish was a slightly overcooked. But otherwise, it was still quite delectable.


Restoran Sai Kong (HQ)
23 Jalan Helang Sewah,
Kepong Baru,
52100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N3 11.719 E101 38.674

Currently there are three Sai Kong in Kepong: the headquarter (the young girl captain has a serious case of ‘tak apa’ attitude, so the service is kind of off) which is run by the father at Kepong Baru and the other two (run by the sons) at Bandar Menjalara and Taman Kepong.


Restoran Sai Gong (Menjalara)
63 Jalan 1/62D,
Medan Putra Business Center,
52200 Bandar Manjalara
GPS Coordinates: N3 11.478 E101 37.542

Food wise, I can’t say which is the best because their menu and taste are quite similar. Most of the time, we just pick whichever branch is the most convenient to go to. All in all, Sai Kong is not perfect but still good considering we always leave happy.

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