Sakae Sushi, my favorite sushi joint

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I have never really liked sushi until the arrival of Sakae Sushi. Now, Sakae Sushi is my favorite sushi joint. It has more variety, classier, and most importantly cheaper than Sushi King. And lets not forget the high tech way of ordering food via their web application.. it’s really great. I can develop one of these applications very easily lol, it IS my bread and butter anyway. So contact me if you are interested in one ok :P

If you didn’t know, the prices of the items on the rotating sushi bar are by the plates’ color:

  • Green: RM1.90
  • Pink: RM3.90
  • Red: RM5.90

Teriyaki Chicken And Oden

Sakae Sushi Bento Set – Teriyaki Chicken and Oden. I am not a big fan of miso soup so I usually give it to Siang Leng. Good for her lol. I also highly recommend their Curry Katsu Don, which is rice served with fried chicken fillet and Japanese curry. Damn niceeeee.


Ebi Nigiri

Soft Shell Crab

Soft Shell Crab Maki

Unagi Wasabiko

Unagi Wasabiko Maki


Forgot what this is called..

Soft Shell Crab Crepe

Soft Shell Crab Crepe, among all red plates this is a must try!

Sanma Shioyaki

Sanma Shioyaki

Sakae Blossom

Sakae Blossom, IMO the prettiest sushi in the bar


Mochi, these are actually ball-shaped glutinous rice with ice-cream inside

Ebi Tempura Maki

Ebi Tempura Maki

Ebi Fry Maki

And finally Ebi Fry Maki. I am trying to collect the receipts to reach a total amount of RM500, then I can get a VIP card with 5% discount in future dinings. The progress is slow lol, only RM100+ so far. Anyway, the latest Sakae Sushi outlet in Penang is in Sunway Carnival Mall. So check it out if you could, it’s definitely a better alternative.

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