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Just came back from Sakae Sushi! And I must say the sushi there is great. All the while Sushi King has been the one and only sushi chain in Penang, hence dominating the market here, so it’s good to have an alternative. Not to mention the restaurant’s cute mascot, a green frog lol.


I believe most people will order green tea whenever they go to Japanese restaurants. This green tea bag is only RM1.00 and can be refilled anytime with the hot water tap installed beside the tables.


I think the nicest thing about sushi restaurant is being able to see the sushi moving around you. The person who invented this method is really creative. Does anyone think this can be applied for dim sum lol?


I have always wanted to try Japanese curry. So I ordered the Curry Katsu-Don, which is actually curry chicken rice. Very nice, and only costs RM13.90.


And some other sushi we took from the belt. The cheapest being the green plates is RM1.90. RM3.90 for the pink ones and RM5.90 for the red ones. There’s no need to mention how they taste like, as all are superb! By the way, shown above is Unagi Maki.


Fresh salmon slices


Tamago (Omelette Sushi) – This is actually one of my fav sushi!


Ebikko (fish roe) – The fish roe do look like they are shining, don’t they?


Salmon Makimono (Salmon Rolls)


Chuka Iidako (Seasoned Baby Octopus)


Sake Mayo Temaki (Tuna Mayo California Rolls) – My first ever California Roll.


And lastly, Soft Shell Crab California Rolls. By the way, if you are interested in the Teppanyaki Set, head over to Siang Leng’s blog for her own review hehe. Also highly recommended.

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