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Salasabaii Thai Restaurant @ Taman Taynton View, Cheras


**I was told by a reader that Salasabaii has ceased operations**.

Salasabaii is a newly opened Thai food stall in Taman Taynton View‘s 118 KK Food Court. The chefs themselves are from Thailand (a good start) and they strive to offer fresh and authentic Thai food without tweaking the recipes to adapt the local audience.
Their menu might not be as vast as other Thai restaurants in town but there’s something for any time of the day or occassion – may it be dinner, steamboat, BBQ or simply for drinking out with a group of friends.

Salasabaii Thai Food

BBQ Salt Baked Fish

The BBQ Salt Baked Fish @ RM32 uses ocean tilapia that’s delivered to the stall daily. So even though it’s not picked out live from a tank, it’s still very fresh. You can’t really tell the size of the fish from the photo, but it weighed around 1kg and had plenty of flesh to go around.
The salt crust did its job well in sealing in the juices and what you get is a wonderfully grilled fish – succulent with a flaky texture that does not crumble. I must say this is by far the best salt baked fish we have had yet.

Salt Baked Fish Sauce

And to make things even better, the aromatic garlic and chili dipping sauce was a perfect match with the fish and many other dishes we had that night. It’s seriously good, even borderline addictive.

Salasabaii Pork Seafood Mookata

Traditional Thai BBQ – Mookata is one of the specialties here. If you have been to BarBQ Plaza then this won’t be a stranger to you. If you haven’t, think of it as a marriage of BBQ and steamboat in the same pot. And as an added touch of authenticity, the pot is also charcoal fired and big chunks of pork lard are provided to grease the grilling pan.

Jim Jum Mix Seafood Pork Set

A few Mookata sets are available but for the best of both world, go for the Mix Set @ RM49 made up of pork, meat balls, prawn and squid. Seafood set @ RM59 (with scallops) and meat set @ RM39 are the other alternatives to meet your preference and budget.
Considering that there’s only a small handful of processed food like fish and meat balls (unexpectedly high quality) while the rest are fresh ingredients, the price is actually more than justified.

Fresh Vegetables

Regardless of your choice, each set also includes a generous serving of mixed vegetables, mushroom, egg and noodle. Everything looks incredibly fresh!

Salasabaii Mookata

Seafood in Jim Jum Soup

If you don’t feel like having a BBQ, you could opt for the Jim Jum / Chim Chum, a hot pot dish where you dip and drop food into a small clay pot on a charcoal stove.
Traditionally, it’s served with an appetizing tomyum-like soup prepared with an array of herbs and spices. The resulting broth after being dipped with various ingredients is heartwarming, especially on rainy days we have been having recently. Both the Jim Jum and Mookata share the same set menu.

Mookata Dipping Sauce

Two kinds of sauces accompany the Mookata and Jim Jum – one is a sweet and sour while the other is more fragrant, savory and slightly spicy.

Salasabaii Garlic Fried Pork

For those looking for a ‘proper’ dinner over rice, there are a dozen of a la carte dishes to order from such as Fried Pork with Garlic @ RM16 (shown above), green chicken curry, tom yum seafood, stir fry basil chicken, sweet and spciy clam and etc.
BBQ is also not limited to Mookata only, as BBQ squid, pork neck, river prawns (imported from Thailand) and cockles are available – either as snack or simply to enjoy over beers and conversation.

Salasabaii Thai Food kk118 Food Court

Salasabaii Thai Cuisine Mookata Jim Jum

From what we see, Salasabaii’s only drawback is its location and the associated dining environment. Since they are operating from a small corner of a food court, some may not perceive it as the ideal place for an intimate date night.
However, if quality, taste and affordability are more important to you, then by all means get yourself here as soon as possible. In fact, Salasabaii’s excellent BBQ Salt Baked Fish alone is reason enough for anyone to visit them.

Salasabaii Thai BBQ Food Stall

salasabaii taman tanyton map

Salasabaii Thai Cuisine, BBQ & Jim Jum

Stall no.1, 118 KK Food Court
Jalan Dato Haji Harun, Taman Taynton View
56000 Cheras, KL
GPS Coordinates: 3°05’17.1″N 101°44’04.0″E
Business hours: Tue – Sun (5.30pm – 3.30am), Closed on Mondays
Tel: 011-2752 2907 (Alexander)

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