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Sara Thai Kitchen by Wan Seafood & Tomyam @ Jalan Gambut, Kuantan


Was at Kuantan a few days ago and had an awesome seafood meal at Sara Thai Kitchen. It was sheer luck that we stumbled upon this popular Thai restaurant among the locals, as our hotel was only a stone’s throw away. Being a coastal town, seafood is abundance and fresh. Best of all the dishes are so affordable and may I even say cheap! You simply won’t get this kind of pricing in KL.


Ikan Siakap Goreng Tiga Rasa @ RM30. The fish was done perfectly with a crispy outside while retaining its its soft, flaky texture inside. Its size was huge, enough to be shared among 4-5 people and very fresh without any hint of farmed taste.
Siakap is one of the most popular fishes in Thai cuisine, usually steamed in a garlic lime juice (Sara Thai Kitchen’s signature style) But since we already had a steamed fish in our last dinner we decided to try a different style. The sweet, sour and spicy the sauce combined with the natural sweetness of the fish creates an appetizing flavor that would leave you asking for more.


The staff told me Tomyam is their specialty so I was left with quite a high expectation. Maybe because of that, I wasn’t too impressed with the taste – it wasn’t as fantastic as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong though, the Tomyam is good and had generous amount of seafood. Plus, how could you possibly complain when the price is only RM6?


It looks far from being a curry but this in fact is Sotong Goreng Kari. Despite that I absolutely loved this dish thanks to the freshness of the squids, which are tip-top quality. Also RM6 only for a medium portion.


The Lala Sos Tiram (RM6 for sederhana) was full of flavor and of course not to mention fresh and juicy as well.


The meal came to a total of just RM48 without any tax or service charge. It was definitely money well spent considering the high quality ingredients used to prepare the tasty dishes. While there are other restaurants in Kuantan that serve even cheaper seafood like Tanjung Lumpur, they just couldn’t produce the same savory taste. Among the various foods we had in Kuantan during our short stay, I consider this the best, and worth a recommendation.

Sara Thai Kitchen (Wan Seafood & Tomyam)
B42, Jalan Gambut,
25000 Kuantan, Pahang (Opposite Grand Continental Hotel)
GPS Coordinates: N3 48.730 E103 19.779
Tel: 012-9379322 / 012-9465591

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  1. VKeong,
    FYI, there are 2 types of Siakap, salt water & fresh water Siakap or usually calls “ikan kakap” in east coast. You can hardly find any fresh water siakap there, so there won’t be any hint of farmed taste.

  2. certainly one of the best dining place that we in Kuantan always consider whenever eating out. The steamed fish in garlic lime juice is so delicious & tasty. One of the best tomyam in Kuantan too. A bit pricier compared to those in Tanjung Lumpur though. But still very worth it for their different high taste. =D

  3. Thai food is quickly growning in popularity. I encourage anyone to add a little diversity into their lives and try some today. Most dishes are sweet and spicy, beware of the spicy parts.

  4. yet to try this place, but i can swear to u, as one penangite to another, do try ah Wah restaurant (Thai style) in Kuantan. the “pek sark” and assam chili fish is out of this world, even better than penang’s Thai food (eg: remember Pimpa?)!! highly recommended, too is the raw prawn (sang har, they call it, the actual Thai name sounds like Hokkien swear words)

  5. You should give a try to ” Khuntai Village Restauranti” at Jalan Gasing, PJ. The tomyan seafood there is really nice.. It will be even more fun if go with a groups of people. .


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