Sarawak Hand Made Noodle @ Everyday Food Court, Puchong

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Back in my uni days, Everyday Food Court was one of our most frequented food courts not only because it was the largest around, it is also open air with quite a number of good food. I could remember the prawn noodle, chili crab with fried bun, grilled seafood and Sarawak hand made noodle were our favorites at that time.
While I usually don’t recommend food prepared by foreign workers, I have to give credit where it’s due: the duo have been selling the noodle for almost 10 years and may have mastered it quite well.


I think any Sarawakian would agree that there’s no such thing as hand made noodle available any where in Sarawak. So, the name would be nothing but used to resemble a mix of two famous Sarawak local food: Kolo Mee and Kampua. In this case, it’s like Kampua’s noodle topped with the ingredients of Kolo Mee.


After 4 years, they made some modifications to the noodle. Last time, they did not use mix the noodle with char siew sauce but now they do. I only noticed it when I felt the noodle was extra sweet and salty then usual. I felt it was an unnecessary change as the old style was already good enough. Well, maybe that is my personal preference but I thought you should know.
The reasons I like the noodle are pretty simple actually: the noodle itself is smooth and springy and the seasoning is very fragrant and appetizing, somewhat similar to those used to prepare Hakka Mee.


I never tried the other stuff before like the Hakka Tai Poh Mee or Spicy Hakka Mee. Because I am always sucked into ordering the Sarawak noodle lol. Next time lah. Anyway, most of the stalls at Everyday food court only open at night, the same for this noodle stall. During day time, the roast duck rice is not bad.

Sarawak Hand Made Noodle
Everyday Food Court (opposite Tesco)
Pusat Bandar Puchong
GPS Coordinates: N3 2.276 E101 37.097 (malfreemaps)

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