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Sarawak Kolo Mee @ Restoran Gembira, Taman Megah PJ


After hearing so many good things about the Kolo Mee at Restoran Gembira, I finally dropped by last week to give it a try. It was delicious alright but speaking from experience, I can’t really label this Kolo Mee as authentic.

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Sure enough, the noodles resembles the real thing – egg noodles garnished with minced pork, red color char siew and scallion. I found both the flavor and “wetness” of the noodles have been modified to suit the KL locals’ taste buds, so now it tastes more like Hakka Mee actually. One of the more authentic but not necessarily better tasting Kolo Mee could be found at Pandan Indah instead.



Well, I can’t say I am surprised at all by this, because many of the so called Kolo Mee in KL (often labelled as Sarawak Noodle) have been bastardized in some ways. And that practice is perfectly understandable given the circumstances. My point is, if you have been to Kuching and chowed down tens of bowls of Kolo Mee like I did, you’d agree with my take on the authenticity.


Restoran Gembira
39, Jalan SS 24/8
Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya

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  1. you might want to give the at at nam chun (lucky garden) a try. stall is right behind the famous (and bastardised) sarawak laksa. my friends and i think this is the closest we can get to kuching kolo mee in kl. interesting you mention the one in pandan indah. it’s not bad. opposite him, at restoran leong kee, jalan pandan indah 1/23d, they serve a brilliant kampua which i can’t really find anywhere else in the city. try the dry foochow wantan too. it’s a real treat.

  2. from the look of it, it does not look authentic
    i think the kolo mee at kelana sentral is quite good. used to operate in Taman Megah(same row with RHB)

  3. Totally agreed with Alvin, the kolo mee in Nam Chun was the best i had so far. And it has the option of white/red kolo mee as well! The regular portion is not enough for a male working adult, personally suggest you order the big one!

  4. I went and dabao and guess what there was a damn fucking long hair at my Kolo mee and it was so disgusting I had to throw everything away!!!!

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