Sarawak Kolo Mee

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Kolo Mee is another famous hawker food in Sarawak. It is one of the most common food found in Kuching, you can see it being sold at every corner of the city. The nicest Kolo Mee I had so far was in Chong Choon Cafe again, in which I had nice Sarawak Laksa too.


Kolo Mee noodle looks like thinner maggi noodle but more springy. The main ingredients are usually char siew, minced pork, some vegetable and topped with spring onions. Funny thing I noticed is that they all hide the vegetable under the noodle lol. At Chong Choon Cafe, a bowl of special Kolo Mee is around RM3.50? and comes with lots of peeled fresh prawns. Unlike wantan mee, they do not use any dark soy sauce or water in preparing Kolo Mee. So it is very dry and the only moisture is from the pork oil.

kolo mee

This Kolo Mee is from the Open Air Market’s night stall, which was also the very first Kolo Mee I had (I came here immediately after landing in Kuching airport lol!) The taste is actually very similar to Sarawak Noodle in KL and the wantan mee in Tua Pek Kong, Bukit Mertajam!

kolo mee

Lastly, also from the Open Air Market but from a different stall (#40 Teck Huat) Notice the reddish color noodle? I wonder if the color came from artificial coloring.. Anyway it was quite nice but a little too dry in my opinion. Choong Choon Cafe’s Kolo Mee is more fragrant and nicer. So if you wish to try good Sarawak Laksa and Kolo Mee, you know where to go lol. For more info on Kolo Mee, you may visit snapshot @ headsteadi for his review on stall #40.

char koay teow

I want to warn you about the char koay teow though, terrible and failed in so many ways..

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