Sarawak Laksa @ Woon Lam Cafe 1999, Kuching

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Chong Choon cafe could very well be the most crowded place for Sarawak Laksa because it is strategically located in the town centre. Even though the shop is quite large with plenty of seats, it is still a challenge to find a table here.
The situation is worse during weekends and public holidays when outstation folks also flock to Kuching. Since we already tried Chong Choon’s Sarawak Laksa six years ago and we did not feel like waiting, we headed to Woon Lam Cafe 1999 instead, or more popularily known as ‘Yun Nan Yuan’.

Woon Lam cafe Sarawak-Laksa

Basically there are two versions of Sarawak Laksa here, the normal @ RM5 and the special (shown above) @ RM8 which features extra large, succulent prawns. If you haven’t tried any Sarawak Laksa before, I guess the simplest way to describe this dish would be a thick, slightly sourish and tangy version of curry laksa. The spiciness on the other hand, is quite mild. A squeeze of lime adds some nice citrus kick and it’s highly recommend you do so to fully appreciate the intended flavor.

Woon Lam cafe Koay-Chap

Besides Sarawak Laksa, the other local favorite at Woon Lam Cafe is Koay Chap. You don’t see this Teochew dish often enough in KL, which is contrarily very common in Penang and Kuching. I don’t particularly fancy Koay Chap and you could say it’s an acquired dish for most, especially for those who don’t at the spare parts. One thing worth highlighting is that Koay Chap sold in Penang is usually accompanied with duck meat as well but Kuching ones are exclusively pork.

Woon Lam cafe Kuching

If you’re staying around the Kuching Waterfront area, this hawker center is within walking distance. I wouldn’t know how to direct you but a GPS set to pedestrian mode will definitely get you there. Otherwise, Secret Recipe is a useful landmark.

Woon Lam Cafe 1999 云南园
No. 189, Ground Floor,
Jalan Song Thian Cheok, 93100 Kuching
GPS Coordinates: N1 33.286 E110 21.244
Business hours: 7am onwards till finish

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