Satay Kajang

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No, I didn’t go to Kajang :P The Satay Kajang I had was in Bayan Lepas. What differentiates Satay Kajang from normal satay is the amount of meat, and the peanut sauce. Please pardon the photos’ quality, all taken using my camera phone.

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Many would think that they are a bunch of copycats who borrowed the name of the infamous Sate Kajang Haji Samuri. But they really got their satay and peanut sauce from Haji Samuri. For those of you who don’t know, Haji Samuri is claimed as the best when it comes to Satay Kajang. I have tried it once before when I was working in Cyberjaya and I have to agree that it’s very good.

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Satay Kajang’s peanut sauce is grey-whitish and the chilli sauce is added as much as you like. It is sweet and has lots of peanuts. So nice, I can eat it on its own..

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Here, they only serve 3 types of Satay: ayam, daging and perut. Satay perut is the most left in the photo.. I think it should be beef. The texture is like chicken skin, soft and tender but not fulling. Back in Kajang, there are more choices like fish, deer and rabbit. They also give lots of ketupat.

So my conclusion is, if you are dying for some Satay Kajang and couldn’t travel there anytime soon.. you can get your fix here lol. It won’t taste as good as the real Haji Samuri but for me, it was at least 90% as nice. The stall is easy to find, it is a corner house just opposite PSDC along the houses. Each stick costs RM0.80, which is double the price back in Kajang lol.

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