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No, I didn’t go to Kajang :P The Satay Kajang I had was in Bayan Lepas. What differentiates Satay Kajang from normal satay is the amount of meat, and the peanut sauce. Please pardon the photos’ quality, all taken using my camera phone.

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Many would think that they are a bunch of copycats who borrowed the name of the infamous Sate Kajang Haji Samuri. But they really got their satay and peanut sauce from Haji Samuri. For those of you who don’t know, Haji Samuri is claimed as the best when it comes to Satay Kajang. I have tried it once before when I was working in Cyberjaya and I have to agree that it’s very good.

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Satay Kajang’s peanut sauce is grey-whitish and the chilli sauce is added as much as you like. It is sweet and has lots of peanuts. So nice, I can eat it on its own..

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Here, they only serve 3 types of Satay: ayam, daging and perut. Satay perut is the most left in the photo.. I think it should be beef. The texture is like chicken skin, soft and tender but not fulling. Back in Kajang, there are more choices like fish, deer and rabbit. They also give lots of ketupat.

So my conclusion is, if you are dying for some Satay Kajang and couldn’t travel there anytime soon.. you can get your fix here lol. It won’t taste as good as the real Haji Samuri but for me, it was at least 90% as nice. The stall is easy to find, it is a corner house just opposite PSDC along the houses. Each stick costs RM0.80, which is double the price back in Kajang lol.

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  1. I went to have this Kajang Satay last Thursday (22/05/2008)

    The only difference Satay Kajang from normal satay is the amount of meat,is definately more and of course you pay more for it too. The peanut sauce is just ok! ok-lah. I find the place and the ambience congested and not so welcoming at night at all.

    Cat’s all over the place and to my horror, there was a cat under my table and my mom was trying to chase it off but the cat seem not to be bothered by our presence until I had to call one of the waiters to chase it off. To my shock the waiter carried the cat away from under our table and never bother to wash his hands.

    Sadly, after that he went to serve food for a new order by a customer. That’s the kind of SERVICE and Satay you get from MALAYSIA’s Best SATAY – Haji Samuri.

    If Haji Samuri wanna practice hygienic kitchen and service, please get rid of the cats and teach your workers to be hygienic conscious too. Even their uniforms look so dirty.

    I notice your kitchen id of course CLEAN. Kudos to you! If you can’t keep the cats out, please build glass walls to make it more nicer looking and of course cleaner too. Please install air-cons so that the customers feel more comfortable while enjoying your satay.

    Hope my dissatisfaction will be taken into your consideration and by the way, I spent RM61.10 for your satays.

    So don’t you think I deserve a better service than having a cat under out table and other cats running all around tables in your shop and not to mention your waiter who obviously not aware of germs. We left immediately after what we witness for we lost our appetite. I regretted ordering a take away.

    This will of course make

    vk: I think you should have complained your dissatisfaction to the restaurant. I would have asked the person who handled the cats to wash his hands, or I will complain to the management. I’ve learnt this the hard way.. if you are unhappy with your meal or how you’re being treated, you need to speak up on the spot. Because you are paying for it, and the management must know what is their staff doing. RM61 is not a small sum.

    Actually for me, I wouldn’t mind if there was a stray cat under my table. I think that’s the environment you get if you’re dining in Malay restaurants.. they have cats everywhere. I even had meals with the cat sitting on the table looking at me.. for me it’s cool. Just like when you go to Chinese restaurants there are dogs in it.

    There’s an air-conditioned room downstairs.. I think you didn’t see it :)

  2. Actually I agree what you said about their service.Just now I went to Kajang Satay Haji Samuri and really dissappointed,not much I can eleborate.2 words to descibe “BAD SERVICE”.

    If they really want to become the Best Restaurant in Malaysia,please change the lazy and tidak apa attitude.

    Actually I had complain to the staffs and ask for their manager BUT nobody is coming to attend my dissafaction. Aiyo,sama sama lah..Atas talak betoi,bawah lagik talak betoi loh…

    Is my last visit there and thank you for their BAD SERVICE.

    vk: The service here is certainly not great. The only reason I dine here is for the satay, so I don’t really mind the service. But, I have heard of a better Kajang Satay right opposite this Hj Samuri in a food court. I will try that soon and revert on the review.

  3. I think its too general to discuss about the services in Samuri. As i have been there for a lotta times..and luckily i never had such kind of BAD Service at the restaurant. The server is clean and kind..the food served in 10 mins :) ….no such bad things….so before u step in to the restaurant…GIVE A SMILE…..may a good luck be with u..

    CHEERS !!!!


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