Satay Sri Melaka @ Medan Selera AU5, Lembah Keramat

Satay Sri Melaka Chicken Beef Satay
Satay Sri Melaka Chicken Beef Satay

Satay Sri Melaka was the last leg of my satay hunt in KL. Thankfully it was as good as the reviews say it is so we are glad our little hunt ended on a high note. Satay Sri Melaka operates from a stall in a ‘warung’ in Lembah Keramat and it’s obvious that they are the most popular one.

Satay Sri Melaka Satay Stall

Their offering is kept simple and traditional with only four types of satay on the menu: chicken, beef, heart and tripe.

Satay Sri Melaka Grilling Satay

Satay Sri Melaka Chicken Satay Ready

Satay Sri Melaka employs a couple of local staff to man the grills. There have two to three grills fired at any time just to cater to the onslaught of orders, mostly from take aways.

Satay Sri Melaka Lembah Keramat

Satay Sri Melaka Chicken Beef Satay

Among all the satays we tried, beef emerged as the clear winner while it’s a tie between the chicken and beef tripe. All the satay had an extraordinary deep flavor and you could certainly taste the special spices they use to marinate them.

Satay Sri Melaka Satay Sauce

Besides, the satay sauce was deliciously sweet with an adequate hint of spiciness. We even couldn’t resist ourselves from drinking it, because it IS that good and not jelak at all! Now, in hindsight, maybe I should have really given their chicken heart satay a try instead of staying in my comfort zone.

Satay Sri Melaka Price List

Priced at only RM1 each (80 cents 3 years ago), the satays are affordable enough for repeated visits. You can even buy their satay sauce too if you want – it’d be great for a satay party at home. I am actually surprised that it’s kind of cheap too because I’d have expected the sauce to cost at least RM10 or more for a kilo.

Satay Sri Melaka Take Away

Satay Sri Melaka Food Court

Satay Sri Melaka Food Court Lembah Keramat

All in all, great satay, friendly faces and highly affordable. Not to mention the venue is clean as well. Is there anything else you could ask for?

Satay Sri Melaka

Medan Selera AU5, Taman Lembah Keramat
54200 KL
Business hours: 5pm to 1am (Closed on Sundays)
Tel: 013-640 9895

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