Satay Station @ Kampung Pandan, KL


I have always knew there is a popular satay joint in Kampung Pandan. Without knowing its actual name, I kind of accidentally tried it after stumbling upon Satay Station on my GPS unit. Apparently Satay Station is a chain restaurant with branches at Ampang, Setiawangsa and even Mont Kiara. Don’t expect the same pricing throughout all the branches though, Mont Kiara’s is about 20% more expensive due to its location.



A long satay grill manned by a few workers is the the first thing that greets the customer immediately. Talk about impressing the customers!


There are only three types of satay here: chicken, beef and babat (beef tripe) @ RM0.90/stick, served in a traditional style on banana lef. Besides satay, Satay Station is also known for their delicious Mee Rebus @ RM6. We had only satay that day but now I think I should had ordered the Mee Rebus as well because it looks pretty darn good actually.


Although the satays look really thick and meaty, they actually contained a lot of fat too like at least 30-40% of the whole satay. You won’t notice it just by the looks but once you bite into the satay you will know immediately.
Between the chicken and beef satay I prefer the latter more because it was simply more flavorful and you could really taste the spices used. The chicken satay on the other hand had a superficial flavor, which I suspect is under marinated. The peanut sauce was great though, thick and loaded with lots of crushed peanuts. My only complaint is that it is a bit too oily.


Another plus point about Satay Station would be the cleanliness, it is almost impeccable compared to the other chain satay giant. You know who I am talking about right? Heh.


For me, the satay here is of satisfactory quality and I would have probably given it a better rating if not for the amount of fat they put into the satays. Just to be clear, I do like some fats on my satay for the extra sweetness and juiciness. But the fats are really just too much even for me. That being said, I won’t mind returning someday for the beef satay and clean comfy environment.

Satay Station Kampung Pandan
No. 55, Jalan A,
Jalan Kampung Pandan,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
GPS Coordinate: N3 08.755 E101 44.971
Tel: 03-9284 6607
HP : 019-2827134 (En. Zul)
Opening hours: 4pm-12am

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  1. I went to the Mont Kiara branch a couple of weeks back. I came back satisfied! The meat was succulent and well-spiced. Served with cool fruit juice too…pineapple juice is a must try.

    Will return (if my doctor said my cholesterol is back to norm)

  2. Satay Rules!

    Rule No. 1 : Grilled moist juicy meat
    Rule No. 2 : Not too sweet
    Rule No. 3 : Peanut sauce chockful of peanuts
    Rule No. 4 : Eat with your loved ones…:)


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