Sate Babi Gelora Tri Sakti @ Legion Kuta, Bali

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Think our Malaysian satay is good? Wait till you try Balinese Sate Babi.


At Kuta, there is an unassuming stall at an open field strategically shaded by huge trees where you could find some really awesomely delicious pork satay. It goes by a few names such as Sate Babi Gelora Tri Sakti and Sate Babi Lapangan Tri Sakti, while the locals just refer it as the ‘nice pork satay stall under the tree’.
Also, it is said that turtle meat was originally used to prepare the satay here, hence they were once called Sate Penyu. Only when the turtles became a protected species then only they made the switch to use pork.


The satay meat is lean but tender and no dipping sauce is provided because it is already flavorful enough to be eaten on its own. What else can I say? The Balinese takes marinade and sauces very seriously and it really shows that in their cuisines. This beats hands down every pork satay I have had before whether it’s Penang, Malaccan or Singaporean.


From the looks of the pork satay you would know that it is going to pack a spicy punch, as the marinade they use contains lots of chilli seeds and strips of red chilies. A pinch of salt is also added to the satay before being handed to you – I am not exactly sure why though. Lontong (compressed rice cakes) is usually served together with the satay for a full experience but you could also opt only for the latter. They are priced at only IDR10,000 (~RM3.20) for 8 sticks.



Although this place is walk-able from the famous Kuta Square, I’d suggest getting a taxi instead to avoid getting lost. Almost all the taxis in Bali almost use the meter and it shouldn’t cost you more than IDR20,000 just to reach here.

Sate Babi Gelora Tri Sakti
Jl. Patih Jelantik (Legian), Badung, Bali

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