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Sate Zainah Ismail Best Satay In Town @ Jalan Keramat, KL


As you might already know I am desperately looking for a satay in Klang Valley that could rival, and perhaps even better than those that I had in Singapore which I hate to admit is still the best I ever had to date. So when two of my fellow readers recommended Sate Zainah Ismail at Kampung Datuk Keramat, I immediately went looking for it.


For a first time visitor, Dato Keramat could be confusing to navigate but thanks to my GPS device we found the restaurant with relative ease. Zainah Ismail could be easily identified by the smoke and satay fragrance constantly oozing out of one of the wooden restaurant.


Five satay grills are used here and the satays are actually grilled by stages. The satays do not stay on one grill from raw to cooked. Instead, they are transferred to the next grill once a particular ‘doneness’ is achieved.


The innermost grill you see manned by an elderly uncle is where the raw, marinated skewers are barbecued first then made sure fully cooked at the foremost grill. There are only two types of satay here: beef and chicken priced at RM0.70 each.




Satay being barbecued over charcoal flame in all its glory. There are easily hundreds of satays being cooked here at any given time.


I don’t know why but we were not allowed to eat in the restaurant that day, there were tables and chairs around but folded up. It was a Sunday evening and apparently Zainah Ismail only did takeaways. We did not expect that so eventually we had our satay at a food court in Kepong. So if you are planning to eat here, try to avoid Sunday evenings.
At 70 cents a stick, the satays are definitely worth the money. The meats on each skewer is chunky and lean with little fat or skin, which would take at least three bites for the average person to finish one stick.


If you are a beef lover then you will be definitely enjoy Zainah Ismail’s beef satay. The marination is done perfectly giving it a disctinctive sweet taste while still retaining the beef’s natural flavor. And I am glad to say it is good enough to rival Haron Satay! Despite not having a strong marination like the beef satay, the chicken satays are delicious in its own way. It is more tender and juicier compared to the beef satay that had a rather chewy bite.
The only lament I have about Zainah Ismail’s satay would be their peanut sauce, which is too diluted and oily to my liking. I wish the sauce was thicker so that it could coat the satays better, like for example Haji Samuri’s. But I guess you can’t please everyone out there.


To reach Zainah Ismail, I suggest taking the main road – Jalan Datuk Keramat. Turn into the housing areas before the new wet market and you will find the restaurant immediately on your right.

Sate Zainah Ismail
3437 Jalan Keramat,
54000 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N3 09.953 E101 43.403
Google maps location: http://bit.ly/bKpEWz
Tel: 03-4256-9973‎

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    • hi Michelle, here are a few suggestions:

      Char Koay Teow at Heng Huat Cafe, look for the lady with goggles.
      Char Koay Teow at Siam Road, opens only at noon.
      Ais Kacang at Fort Cornwallis food court.
      Assam Laksa and Cendol at Penang Road
      Tambun biscuits at Him Heang or Gee Hiang
      Apom at Burma Road
      Prawn Mee at Green Hut, Burma Road at night
      Mantis Prawn Mee at Sim Kee San coffee shop, Jalan Macalister (morning until noon only)
      Chee Cheong Fun at Lorong Macalister
      Beef Noodles at Lam Ah Cafe, Chulia Street
      Coconut Jelly at Abu Siti Lane
      Nasi Kandar at Kampung Melayu, Line Clear or Gelugor
      Roti Canai at Transfer Road (morning)
      Loh Bak at Sri Bahari Road

      Avoid Gurney Drive at all cost

  1. There’s another nice satay place to try: Satay Sri Melaka which is located at Keramat AU5.
    Coordinates: 3°12’3″N 101°45’22″E
    I’m so looking forward for your review!

  2. Hi all, firstly thank you to the owner of this blog. I will soon try out Zainah Ismail’s satay. I have done a fair bit of satay sampling based on the reviews of other foodies. And since I have benefitted much from many of you, I would like to share my findings as well with the hope that you too will get something out of this:
    So far, I have tried Satay Samuri, the one at Peel Road (beside Convent School), Satay Sri Melaka at Keramat, Satay Q, in Ampang (near Empire Furniture), two satay stalls – Zaini and Nur Satay – at the hawker centre near Ampang International School, Satay Station in Kampung Pandan, Satay Mulia outlet near Jalan Gurney and, Pondok Satay (USJ), Satay at PJ Hilton (I think they order from a supplier in Setapak).
    My top vote goes to Satay Station in Kampung Pandan… only if you are one who prefers a bit of fat with each stick as it should be for the authentic taste of satay. But for the peanut sauce alone, I’d have to say it should go to the stall opposite Ampang Point shopping centre (beside Empire Furniture).
    I have negative things to say of some of the supposedly “favourite” stalls and outlets but I will reserve comment as it isn’t nice to put sand into one’s ricebowl.
    For those living near Mont Kiara, there is also one Satay Station outlet there. Apparently, the get their supply from the central kitchen in Kampung Pandan.
    Happy Eating.

  3. dear vkeong,

    I would like to recommend you to try Willy Satay in Kajang or more precisely at the Sungai Ramal Food junction. It is located just after Country Heights after the Kajang Toll going towards Kajang Town adjacent to the Sungai Ramal Shell station. IMO their satay is one of the better ones that I have tried.

    I am not sure about your Singapore satay but tell us your verdict after you have tried this one.

    • Hi Razwi thanks for your recommendation.. I have been wanting to try this Willy Satay for a few times but the weather has not been kind to me :( Once I was on the way there and it rained..
      I will check it out as soon as I have the chance again

  4. Hi vkeong,
    sate Zainah Ismail is the third generation recipe from the late grandfather. It has been in Keramat for many years and those who come are the regulars who happen to be eating the satays since her grandfather opened the stalls. You should try Satay Perut the next time. :)

  5. Ismail Satay…the oldest satay in KL that still exist….Hmmm VK I hope you try Satay Willy in Ramal Junction food court, Sg Ramal Kajang

  6. My vote goes to Satay Sri Melaka. If not mistaken in Taman Permata, Ulu Kelang. I think somebody did mention it’s gps coordinates. You should try the exotic cow intestine (perut tembusu) and succulent chicken liver & gizzard satay. The peanut sauce is among the best. My second choice goes to Satay Willy, Kajang. The satay is so tasteful. They become my second choice because their satay selection is only limit to chicken & beef.


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