Seafood @ Bukit Tambun


Needless to say, anyone who goes to Bukit Tambun for the seafood. Ghee Seng Seafood Restaurant is situated beside a river, diagonally opposite the state’s Batu Kawan Stadium.


Fried Mee Tiao – RM 7. No comment, tastes normal. So far I haven’t found any restaurant that can fry a very nice plate of mee tiao.. if you know any, leave a message :D


Steamed Mini Octopus – RM 8. They are tasteless, you need to dip them into the Thai chilli sauce to really enjoy it.


Fried Oyster – RM 8. I have had better lol, oysters given were ridiculously little.


Siao Bai Cai – RM 6. We actually had 2 plates of this because a stupid fly dropped into our first one. The problem with eating here in Ghee Seng is the big amount of annoying flies. You will be too busy chasing them away that you cannot really enjoy your meal in peace.


Satay – RM 9 (15 sticks) The satay was very nice, special too because they are barbecued together with the peanut sauce.


Fried Soft Shell Crab – RM 16.


Sweet and Sour Crab – RM 20 (3 flower crabs) This is the highlight of our meal, the nicest one too. The crabs were very fresh (they were still alive before being cook) It didn’t really tasted like how it was described, it was pretty spicy lol.


Fried Buns that come with the Sweet Sour Crab, to dip in the gravy. Actually, if not for the flies, this would be one of my favorite seafood restaurant in Bukit Tambun.

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  1. I’m a bm student from bukit mertajam but i’m studying in Melbourne rite now,thank god for these pictures…they look great and everytime i looked at it,i feel so hungry and its so tempting,i think you did a great job on promoting bm…Thanks

  2. Fantastic review! Hey, do you’ve the restaurant’s contact number? And do you know if it’s halal?

    Thanks, man!

  3. wei… i went there already, totally agree.. The octopus tasteless and the fried oyster
    wow… soOo little RM8. Crazy.

    Try to go Howkee seafood restaurant 045882736
    ‘ and Prawn village 045882736 also not bad.

    vk: How Kee – I went there once, dunno is it we ordered wrong dishes.. the dinner was a disaster. As for Prawn Village, it used to be great. But my last visit weeks ago was a disappointment. Seems like Bkt Tambun’s seafood quality is going down.. sigh

  4. I went to evergreen buffet last 2 weeks.
    Seafood buffett rm60+ per person
    but, nothing much serve. The worst buffet i have been.
    Lastime Evergreen was ok.
    but now i banned Evergreen Laurel Hotel’s buffet.

  5. I went to Gee Seng in Year 2005, and the food then was superb! I went there again last weekend (Oct 18, 2008) but somehow the quality food there has deteriorate. Fried squid/sotong which is supposed to be crispy isn’t crispy as previously. Price has increased tremendously (ie 1kg of mantis prawn is RM100 nowadays) unlike Year2005 size M mantis prawn is RM6-RM7 each!! Phew.. luckily the steam-sweet-sour-fish made up to the disappointment! But irritated by the house-flys nowadays!!

  6. We have been to a few of the restaurants in the area and feel that we prefer the Fish Village Restaurant next to school in town. Fried mee tiao, sweet and sour meat/egg crabs, steamed mini octopus with sauce really7 tasted good. Price very reasonable and ample parking space…

  7. I like Gee Seng Seafood Restaurant, Gan Hong Crads ,Prawn and  BALITONG ! 


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