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Secret Recipe recently launched a promotion of RM10 for a set meal, dine in only. I guess you have probably received it in your email or read it from forums. From what I saw it was very well received, especially among ladies. To be honest, the thought of eating at Secret Recipe never really crossed my mind because it’s not cheap. Anyway, yesterday I decided to give the promotion a try.

chocolate banana cake

A slice of Chocolate Banana cake @ RM6.30 as appetizer before the meals arrive. This is one of my favorite cakes!

bbq chicken

There are only 3 choices for the chicken main course: black pepper, BBQ and mushroom sauce. All of them cost RM13.50 each and comes with some salad and rice. The BBQ Chicken tastes like the Chinese sweet and sour chicken.. didn’t really had any BBQ flavor. ‘Gu lou yuk fan’ maybe also taste better :P

mushroom chicken

The set meal also includes a glass of iced lemon tea, which costs RM5 if ordered ala carte. Nothing special about the Mushroom Chicken, and the meat was dry.. The cake was the nicest throughout the whole meal lol. And keep in mind that RM10 is not the nett price for the promotion, as it does not include the 10% service and 5% government tax. My calculations concluded that it’s about 40% discount on the food, if all ordered ala carte.

I felt the service tax was kinda undeserving because the staff was a not as friendly and had this sour face when serving us. Just FYI I dined at Jusco’s Secret Recipe in Seri Kembangan. And from what I read in the forums, some outlets can even be out-of-stock for the promotion.. So, better ask first before you go in lol. Oh yeah, actually you don’t have to print this voucher out too.. They didn’t bother to see mine ;)

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  1. Secret Recipe …1 word…HOPELESS.

    The quality of this once fine chain has drastically gone down. What used to be excellent cheese cakes have now come down so much, and with each cake slice going up from RM 4+ to now RM 6+, i don’t think it’s worth it.

    Foodwise, it’s nothing to shout about and for the prices, i can get better tasting food out there.

  2. agreed wholeheartedly. so many bad experiences at Secret Recipe. the cheesecakes nowadays taste like sandpaper. really.

    as for the mains, better left unsaid.
    some yrs ago, I used to frequent Secret Recipe a lot for their cakes, as I deemed them praiseworthy, but certainly not now.

    J2Kfm’s last blog post..BETONG – The Dimsum Affair (Part 2)

  3. i dont usually chose to dine at secret recipe..because while the menu looks good..the food that comes out… always disappointing… the chicken always tastes dry and sometimes the cake also not fresh. maybe that’s why they need to do that rm10 promo…

    lingzie’s last blog post..Terubong Seafood @ Paya Terubong

  4. I think the food is just so so. The last time I went there was when I ordered the set and went back home with a tummy ache. The cakes are great but that was last time. The standard has gone down a lot. And there are flies in their outlets too. I’m not sure what they are doing to keep the place clean. Anyway for cakes, I now go to Tesco Extra.

    Fortesfidelis’s last blog post..Homemade Chicken Teriyaki Recipe

  5. agreed with the unfriendly service..
    me and my friends hang out in Secret Recipe KLCC..
    and i admit we were there for hours.. but we were not just sitting there n chitchatting.. we did ordered foods, full course.. and yet, that unfriendly face of the supervisor (i think) that we can see~

    *btw, the choc indulgence cake is still my fav in SR* ^_^

  6. service and food secret recipe at sungai long too bad … so disappointed…. i wait almost 10mit…still no menu no body serve me…. the japanese soba like shit

  7. Hi, i had a very bad experience yesterday. i bought a pecan butterscotch slice of cake takeaway and found that the cake was already sour and stale. i had called the outlet and the staffs were blunt and almost rude by saying if you wanna exchange you must bring the cake back for refunds. i actually went back to the outlet on my on fuel, time and parking costs just to find out that the replacement, Hazelnut chocolate has also gone bad!! even the staffs tasted it and agreed. they immidiately washed all the knives with hot boiling water. i not only wasted my time on a Sunday evening but was furiously upset over the whole situation . It took them awhile to say im sorry.

    Well guess what..i AM sorry and i will never go to any Secret Recipes again..


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