‘Selera Malaysia’ Ramadan Dinner Buffet @ Gobo Chit Chat, Traders Hotel


In conjunction with the upcoming Ramadhan month, Traders Hotel KL will be offering a dinner buffet promotion themed ‘Selera Kampung’ @ RM129 nett/pax at Gobo Chit Chat. Why is it a promotion you ask? Well, because for every group of six people, one gets to dine for free.


But first, just to clarify, I was invited to preview of what’s to come in the buffet which will run from 18 June to 16 July 2015. Available from 6:30pm to 10:30pm daily during the promotion, it will feature a variety of Malaysian cuisines highlighted by four main hawker stalls. They are the ‘Goreng-goreng’, ‘Nasi Briyani’, ‘Manisan’ and ‘Rojak Sotong Kangkung’ stations.


A good selection of Western and Asian dishes also make an appearance such as sashimi, roast beef, grilled sea bass with salsa, chili crab, steamed glutinous rice and the ever-popular satay. I shall cut to the chase here are some of the dishes that were particularly memorable:

  • Satay
  • Ikan bakar (especially the tiger prawns)
  • Sashimi and sushi
  • Chili crab and butter crab
  • Chicken in yam basket
  • Sambal petai & udang harimau
  • Rojak buah


Among all the above, the butter crab was my favourite. It was fresh and prepared very similarly to what you’d get at normal Chinese seafood restaurant, albeit slightly saltier than usual. This was also one of the more popular dishes the guests were seen taking and had to be constantly replenished by the staff.

Ikan and Udang Bakar

Although the accompanying sambal could be better, the ikan bakar was really good. How it works is that you’d pick the marinated fishes (kembung, pari, merah etc), pass it to the cooking crew and they’ll pan fry them on a banana leaf. Then come back 15-20 minutes later with your numbered token and the freshly grilled seafood will ready for collection. The tiger prawns were superbly fresh and meaty, highly recommended to pile on them!



You can find a handful of sashimi and dozens of sushi and maki at the sushi bar. The quality won’t impress any experienced sushi eater, but I think it should meet the standard you’d set out for a buffet.


Everything included in the seafood on ice is good enough except for the scallops which tasted dry and rubbery.


The Roast Whole Lamb Leg with Briyani at the carving station was one of the highlights of the buffet. The briyani itself was good and aromatic but you got to dig deeper for a more moist meat, as the exposed meat at the surface layer is quite dry and tough.


A must at every Malay-themed buffet: ulam-ulaman, tauhu sumbat, acar and a variety of kerabu.

Ramadan Desserts


As for desserts, there’s no lack of choices at the dessert bar. Whether it’s local kuih, biscuits, sweet soup, ice cream or Western cakes, they’ve got it covered here and they covered them well too.

Chocolate Fountain and Rojak Station

Like I mentioned earlier, the rojak buah is worth a try. You get to get your hands dirty too by selecting your own fruits and vegetables and toss them in the bowl yourself.


A couple of beverages you’d usually see at any ‘bazar Ramadan’ are here as well. I feel they way they displayed the drinks is a nice touch, because instead of getting your drinks dispensed from a glass container, you get to scoop them and that adds to the overal experience. Juices (fresh, not chilled), coffee and tea are also available upon request.


Overall, most of the buffet’s dishes are seafood-oriented and should appeal to seafood lovers. So if you want to get the best bang for your buck, I suggest focusing your appetite on the delicious crabs and tiger prawns because they’re really worth it.
Lastly, early birds will get to enjoy the ‘Selera Kampung’ dinner buffet at a discounted price of RM119 nett per adult for the first 3 days from 18 to 21 June 2015. Here’s the full menu for your reference:

[custom_headline type=”left” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”true”]’Selera Kampung’ Dinner Buffet Menu[/custom_headline]
[tab_nav type=”twelve-two-up”]
[tab_nav_item title=”SALAD BAR” active=”true”]
[tab_nav_item title=”MALAYSIAN APPETIZER” active=””]
[tab_nav_item title=”JAPANESE STATION” active=””]
[tab_nav_item title=”SOUP” active=””]
[tab_nav_item title=”ASIAN DISHES” active=””]
[tab_nav_item title=”WESTERN DISHES” active=””]
[tab_nav_item title=”SPECIALITY STATION: BIRYANI” active=””]
[tab_nav_item title=”SPECIALITY STATION: CARVING” active=””]
[tab_nav_item title=”SPECIALITY STATION: HAWKER FARE” active=””]
[tab_nav_item title=”SPECIALITY STATION: GORENG-GORENG” active=””]
[tab_nav_item title=”SPECIALITY STATION: MANISAN” active=””]
[tab_nav_item title=”DESSERT” active=””]
[tabs][tab active=”true”]Caesar salad, mixed greens, four dressings[/tab]
[tab]gado-gado, rojak pasembor, acah buah, ulam-ulam, sambal, begedel ayam, kerabu daging[/tab]
[tab]assorted sashimi, sushi and maki, condiments[/tab]
[tab]sup daging berempah[/tab]
[tab]nasi putih / white rice, sambal petai udang / stir fried prawns and bitter bean, sambal, rendang daging / beef, coconut milk, ayam masak merah / chicken, chili paste, ikan merah asam pedas / red snapper, sour and spicy sauce, kurma kambing / stewed lamb, spices, yoghurt, ketam masak lemak / crabs, yellow coconut milk, lo mai gai / glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf, braised hong kong noodles, butter milk crabs, chili crabs, kung pao chicken / chicken, cashew nuts, vegetables, chili stir fried nai pak / milk cabbage, poached chicken, light soy sauce, fish teriyaki[/tab]
[tab]potato and leek soup, sirloin, french beans, onion gravy, grilled chicken, chili cream sauce, duchess potato, grilled summer vegetables, feta cheese[/tab]
[tab]biryani ayam / chicken biryani, biryani udang / prawn biryani[/tab]
[tab]whole lamb leg, biryani rice, egg[/tab]
[tab]sotong kangkung / blanched squid, water spinach, ikan bakar / grilled fish [/tab]
[tab]burung puyuh goreng berempah / fried quail, udang gorend berempah / fried prawns, ketam goreng kunyit / fried crabs, otak-otak / fish cakes [/tab]
[tab]cucur durian / durian fritters, pisang goreng / banana fritters, pulut durian / glutinous rice, durian sauce [/tab]
[tab]ice kacang / shaved ice with 12 types of condiments, bubur kacang hijau / green beans, bubur sagu / sago soup, blueberry cheesecake, coconut layer cake, black forest, raspberry jelly, chocolate mousse, almond creme caramel, pear rosemary clafouties, chocolate almond torte, fruit trifle, oreo white chocolate mousse, tiramisu, mango tartlet, cheese filo pastry [/tab][/tabs]

Gobo Chit Chat
Fifth Floor, Traders Hotel
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2332 9888

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