Sen Kee Duck Satay @ Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong


Sen Kee Duck Satay was introduced to me by a forumer in through the “Good Food in Kepong” thread. I thought it would be interesting to try duck satay because I rarely see it being sold except in pasar malam. Besides, I believe not all pasar malam’s satay stalls prepare the skewers using duck meat, hence making it kind of unique. So far I have tried with chicken, rabbit, pork, mutton, deer and ostrich satay but not the ones made using duck meat. So you could say I was pretty excited and looked forward with great anticipation to try it.


Luckily the direction to the stall was very straightforward so it was no sweat looking for Sen Kee. Upon reaching we were kinda surprised to see there was only one table available.
Well after looking around only we realized that most customers would dine in the seafood restaurant and order the satay as something extra. I checked the stall and found chicken and mutton satay were available as well. So, the first batch of satay we ordered had five sticks of duck, chicken and mutton satays.


Ok, it’s obvious chicken satay is the one on the left but I am not sure which is the duck and mutton already because their color looked so similar. Even the lady who prepared our satay had to ponder for a while before pointing out which is which, lol.
Funnily enough, my main reason here was to try the duck satay but I ended up eating the chicken satay first, lol. Anyway, Sen Kee’s chicken satay tasted good with no chicken fat / skin on the skewer as you can see from the photo. I don’t know about you but I actually don’t mind having some fat or skin on my satay because they can absorb more flavor and make the satay taste juicier. About duck satay, it was quite the awesome with tender meat which was bursting with flavor.


I initially thought that the duck meat would be dry like those normal roast duck, Peking or Pipa duck we usually eat. Surprisingly, it was pretty moist and juicy if compared to chicken. Coupled with the thick, spicy and nutty peanut sauce (although not as wonderful as Haji Samuri‘s) the whole thing was fantastic! Possibly one of the best satays I have had so far. Oh, if you are wondering the mutton satay was so-so only but still worth a try.


Our second round. The satay looked almost perfect because the ladies actually used scissors to cut off the burnt parts. Quite thoughtful don’t you think?


After finishing our second round, we still wanted more and we ordered another ten duck satay. But too bad for us there’s a guy who ordered 200 sticks while we were eating. So we had no choice but to wait 20 minutes for our turn. While waiting I did some snooping around and found that there were at least 500 sticks of raw satay! If they could sell all of it, business must be really good. Besides, I also took some photos of our satay being prepared. Yeah, those 10 on the barbecue grill were ours.


The ladies who prepared our satay, very friendly and nice enough to let me take their photos. Hopefully I didn’t interrupt their concentration that caused some satay to burn, lol.


Oooh, our order finally arrived nice and hot. Really enjoyed it.


At 60 cents a stick, I think it is pretty reasonable. That’s the standard price for KL satay isn’t it? If compared to Haji Samuri’s, I felt that Sen Kee’s satay had nicer and more flavorful meat but lost out on the sauce.


The satay stall in front of Legend Garden restaurant. Do you notice the table next to the stand fan? That’s where we sat for more than an hour, lol. Anyway, pork satay was actually available before this, but it was substituted by mutton instead. I knew because I could still see the ‘pork’ word through the semi-transparent labels.


If you are a satay lover I urge you to try this. From LDP’s Kepong exit, head towards Taman Desa Jaya via the road under MRR2. Once you turn into Desa Jaya you will be on Jalan 5. Take the third turning on your left to Jalan 2 and then the first turning to your right. Then, take the second turning to the right to enter Jalan 12. As soon as you enter Jalan 12 you can start to look for parking, as the satay stall is only on your left. Sen Kee Satay as shown in Wikimapia.

Sen Kee Satay,
Jalan 12,
Taman Desa Jaya,

Tel: 019 2492572 / 019 2187538
5pm onwards

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  1. Lol Vkeong , is me who intro you the satay XD

    Nice eh ?? Worth to wait la … hehehe , next time you reviewing food around Kepong ,call me also , hheheheheh ~

    vk: yo bro, yeap it’s you I mentioned in the post haha!

  2. well, really nice senkee satay, i was stay at kepong neary 30 years and can consider eat sen kee almost at least 2 times a month…..hahaha, that’s really nice…..

  3. yea…those satays r not bad. Though im not a satay lover, i thk they r quite tasty. And it’s near frm my house too! ^^

    vk: I think the satays here are better than Kajang’s Hj Samuri – tender and juicy. But in terms of kuah, Hj Samuri’s nicer

  4. hi.. juz to inform u guys tat d restaurant where d satay uncle is at, has changed d name to Restaurant MCY..
    it’s no longer legend garden, wif d big blue signboard..


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