Senjyu Sushi Food Tasting Session @ Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara

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Last weekend Senjyu Sushi organized a food tasting session in conjunction with the launch of their new menu at Cineleisure. Based on my first visit, my impression on Senjyu Sushi is that they are more sophisticated and cater for Japanese food lovers who are ready to take their culinary experience to the next level – like having Wagyu and Foie Gras in their sushi.
Albeit pricey, I found the food was great and memorable. So, when I was invited by Yi Wen from Senjyu Sushi I was thrilled to know that I would be trying out some new dishes. And if I were to go alone I would not be able to finish the food planned for the tasting session so I got KampungboyCitygal to go along too.


Senjyu Sushi’s new menu, now full with photos to help customers when ordering food – definitely a good improvement. It’s great to have pictorial descriptions because I found myself asking the waiters to explain to me some of the menu items in my last visit lol.


Instead of having green tea, we were served Flower Tea instead. The Flower Tea comes in a transparent glass pot with a bundle of dried flowers @ RM9.90. Just add hot water and watch how the ball-shaped dried flower slowly blooms into a flower shape as the tea steeps.
All three Flower Tea available at Senjyu Sushi – Jasmine Feary, Fancy Corbeil and Seven Belle have Jasmine Flower as one of the ingredients.
Shown here is a pot of Fancy Corbeil consisting of Jasmine flower, globe amaranth flower, pot marigold and green tea leaves. It was mildly fragrant with a nice aftertaste.


We started off with Oyster Sashimi @ RM12. The oysters at Senjyu Sushi are at least of L size and were air flown all the way from Canada. They are only shucked upon order to ensure the highest freshness and quality.


The fat, juicy oyster was definitely fresh – enjoyable even on its own. Citrus Ponzu Sauce and Tabasco sauce are optional for additional seasoning.


Lobster Salad @ RM16.90 – a mix of lobster and vegetables served with house dressing, which was provided separately. I felt it was OK but could be better if only more lobster meat was provided.


I never really liked the taste of Kimchi but Salmon Kimchi Nabe (Salmon served in spicy Kimchi soup) was acceptable for me because the Kimchi’s sourness was not too strong.
Besides salmon slices, lots of vegetables like Enoki mushrooms, Chinese mushrooms, carrot, leek, cabbage and tofu were cooked together in the pot of Kimchi soup sitted on a lighted wooden stove.


Next was another sashimi made with Giant Sweet Shrimp called Botan Ebi Sashmi @ RM18.


The presentation of the dish was nothing short of impressive with the giant shrimp sitting on a plate of ice and wooden sticks used as decoration. It had a strong and raw prawny taste – nothing surprising here.
But before I am able to get used to the taste I still prefer to have fish as sashimi. It was a good try nonetheless though.


Tempura Moriawase (Tempura Prawns and assorted vegetables) @ RM13.90 was served on a plate with basket-like handles, interesting.
I have to say it was one of the better Tempura Prawns I have had so far with crispy tempura batter and big, meaty prawns used to prepare it. You could really taste the sweetness from the succulent prawn in every bite instead of feeling like eating tempura batter only.


Botan Ebi Sashimi and Tempura Moriawase.


One of the latest item featured on Senjyu Sushi’s new menu was Trio Salmon Sushi. As the name itself implies, the dish was made up of three pieces of sushi with thick salmon slices used as the sushi wrapping.


From left to right: Salmon Sushi with Flying Fish Roe, Black Shrimp Roe and Shrimp Roe. All three of them were equally delicious and definitely worth the price tag of RM10. This is a must try if you ask me.


Next was the most expensive item in the entire food tasting session – Senjyu Wagyu Maki @ RM39.90. Look at the enticing slices of well-marbled Wagyu beef, simply irresistable!


The preparation of this Maki involved rolling the sushi rice with asparagus and golden mushrooms, then only topped with the premium Wagyu beef slices. But before that the Wagyu beef was briefly pan fried on the surface first to lock in the juices and enhancing the flavor.
This also ensured that the Wagyu beef was not entirely raw to suit the local preference, because I am sure most of us are not used to eating raw beef. If you are wondering, the brown bits on each Maki were actually crunchy Wagyu beef lard.


Another sushi I would recommend is Idako Mentai Gunkan – Sushi rice topped with codfish roe and seasoned baby octopus @ RM4 (black plate). Very tasty.
And if you remembered my previous post, I mentioned that Senjyu’s sushi on black colored plates actually cost RM6. After receiving numerous customer feedback on the expensive price, Senjyu Sushi has decided to revise their pricing for many food items especially Kaiten sushi. Definitely good news for all of us!


We also had the chance to try some handrolls like Foie Gras with Avocado Temaki (left) @ RM10 and Shako Tempura Temaki (Mantis Shrimp tempura handroll) @ RM12.
This was actually my first time having Foie Gras (goose or duck liver) after hearing about it so many times. Finally I got to taste the rich, buttery and delicate flavour of Foie Gras (albeit the small piece). Slightly seared on the outside, it dissolves on your tongue and melts in your mouth – no chewing required.
But I think Foie Gras is an acquired taste, if it’s your first time trying you might not really like it.


Cawanmushi @ RM4.90. Nothing to complain about this but perhaps they could do away with the excessive spring onions?


Pineapple Sorbet and Coconut Sorbet, both priced at RM10.90. If I have to choose, the better one would certainly be Coconut Sorbet for the richness and sweetness.
Kampungboy agreed with me on this but Citygal preferred Pineapple Sorbet instead, which packed a slight sourish and refreshing taste. The coconut does have an extraordinary shape don’t you think?


We also got a taste of the Lavender ice cream @ RM8.90 per scoop. OK I haven’t had any Lavender flavored ice cream before so I don’t know much. The texture was great but I felt the taste closely resembled the smell of wet towel in Chinese restaurant lol.


Lastly, Kyoro Iri Umeshu Jelly (Jelly made from Umeshu wine) @ RM8.90. If you didn’t know (like me) Umeshu wine is a popular plum liqueur in Japan and it is said to have many health benefits.


Contrary to my initial thought that Umeshu should be sweet, it was the grape encapsulated in each jelly that contributed to the sweetness.


Thanks to Senjyu Sushi’s invitation I have had quite a number of firsts there like Foie Gras, Umeshu and Ebi Sashimi. With the revised pricing, I am sure Senjyu Sushi would be more competitive and able to draw more customers.
If you are interested to give Senjyu Sushi a try, NOW is the best time! Because they are having two attractive promotions going on.

senjyu promotion

Super Great Deal 1: Dine For Free! 100% Rebate on All Conveyor Belt Items! Valid from 20 April to 30 April 2009: This means you have only another 4 days to enjoy this. Few days after the food tasting session I returned just to enjoy this promotion and all I can say it’s super worth it.
Senjyu Sushi will issue you cash vouchers totalling the amount of Kaiten Sushi you have ordered (from RM2 to RM10 only), which may be used during your next visit. It’s like buy one free one!

Super Great Deal 2: Senjyu Sushi Daily Savers’ Coupon. Valid from 13 April to 13 June 2009: Enjoy a special rate for a certain dish on a certain day. Eg. RM1 for Salmon Sushi on Monday and RM4 for Salmon Sashimi on Thursday.
Honestly, grab this deal as fast as you can before you regret it lol. Seriously, RM4 for three thick slices of fresh Salmon Sashimi? You simply couldn’t get this anywhere else. Oh and before I forget, do remember to present the coupons to enjoy the deals. They are easily available at all Senjyu Sushi outlets.

Senjyu Sushi
Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara (next to McDonalds)
Tel: 03-7727 9028

Sunway Pyramid
Tel: 03-5632 8119 (Old Wing, one floor below TGV Cinemas)

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