Sentul Ah Yap Hokkien Mee @ Damansara Utama, FAIL

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This was quite possibly one of my worst dinner experiences ever. As soon as I came back from Taiwan I immediately craved for Nasi Lemak. Many suggestions led me to Village Park at Damansara Utama but too bad it was already closed when we reached there.
So, we decided to give one of the two Hokkien Mee restaurants a try, both located at the same row with Village Park. Both restaurants’ business were equally good too, so good they had their tables stretched to two of their neighboring shop lots. Looking at the huge crowd of customers we thought to ourselves, we must give them a try!
We chose Sentul Ah Yap Hokkien Mee, which had the oldest cook who impressed us with high flames while frying his Hokkien Mee. How wrong we were to think that his experience would be an added advantage. Sometimes, even large number of customers at a restaurant isn’t an indication of good food. It was really a rare and unlucky thing to happen on us that night.


Hokkien Mee @ RM6, ok-ok at best. The HUGE amount of lard didn’t do any good to save the dish. What I had in Kota Kinabalu at a random seafood restaurant was wayyyyy better than this. And the irony is, the seafood restaurant is not specialized in Hokkien Mee at all.


Their Special Hokkien Mee @ RM7, said to use self made tapioca noodles. Fail, because it was too chewy and didn’t taste like Hokkien mee, at all.


One of their signature dishes, Deep Fried Mantis Prawns with Western Wheat @ RM15. Fail, because it was rock hard and caused me toothache.


Fried Beef Koay Teow (干炒牛河) @ RM7. Fail, because it was bland tasting and no wok hei was present at all. I felt like eating economy fried koay teow, or worse.


Kangkung Sambal Belacan @ RM7. Fail, because it was too salty.


Besides the fails mentioned above, even the drinks and waiter failed. My order of fresh cucumber juice with sour plum didn’t come with any sour plum. LOL fail. The waitress who picked our order and sent our food was coughing like mad in the restaurant with her mouth wide open. Free virus? Fail. I pray hard she was H1N1 free lol.
So, I guess you should know the word I am going to use to describe Sentul Ah Yap Hokkien Mee at Damansara Utama. Nope, no prize for guessing the word correctly.

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