Shang Kee Ipoh Chicken Rice @ Glutton Street, Kepong Baru

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Two years after discovering Shang Kee Ipoh Chicken Rice at Kepong‘s Glutton Street, we still find ourselves eating here regularly for a quick, cheap and good meal. In fact, it is one of our backup makan places whenever we couldn’t decide where to go for lunch.

Shang Kee Ipoh-Chicken

Shang Kee does not deliberately undercook their chicken slightly to get that pinkish look and juicy texture. So you will not find any bloody pieces of chicken served to you here, at least none in my many visits thus far. However, the fully cooked meat is still slippery smooth and tender – flavorful and aromatic when served with a dash of sesame oil and sweet soya sauce. And if you are wondering what the light reddish spots are on the drumstick, those are just some reflections from the chili sauce.

Shang Kee Bean-Sprouts

Shang Kee Chicken-Rice

Bean sprouts, fish balls in chicken soup, savory chili sauce and fragrant, non clumpy rice make up the complete meal. It cost about RM9 per pax inclusive of two glasses of their home brewed herbal tea.


Open for lunch only.

Nasi Ayam Shang Kee
Glutton Street, Jalan Kepong Baru
GPS Coordinates: N3 12.566 E101 38.804

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