Shanghai Ding House Of Dumplings @ Queensbay Penang


Ever since reading Rasa Malaysia‘s featured post on Shanghai Ding Tai Feng restaurant at Queensbay area, Penang I have been eager to try it. I bet anyone who has visited her site with those deliciously looking Shanghai food would have the same feeling.

pokey mouse

You simply cannot resist ordering these cute looking dumplings resembling porcupines called Pokey Mouse. The bun is very soft and has poppy seeds sprinkled on top. The filling is creamy milk custard. Looks and tastes equally good, very recommended. It’s only RM3.80.


If you are at a Shanghainese restaurant, of course you wouldn’t miss ordering the Xiao Long Bao. These soup filled steam dumplings are a bit tricky to eat lol. If you aren’t careful enough the soup will leak from the dumplings. They taste OK to me.. don’t know if Dragon-I’s are nicer or not. 4 pieces cost RM6.80.


Another recommended dish by Rasa Malaysia is the fried radish cake @RM5.80. Or more fondly known as ‘char koay kak’ to us. It is fried with seafood and lots of bean sprouts as you can see. I did not go wrong with her recommendation, it was really good and you should try it too.


Shanghai minced meat (zha jiang) ramen @RM4.80 was a let down despite looking great.


Shanghai Ding has quite a number of dim sum available but I feel they are too expensive.. And since there were only two of us we couldn’t order that much. Crispy honey BBQ pastry @RM2.40 is like the long shaped version of siu pao. Not bad.


Hong Kong stlye yin yong served in a rather unique looking glass @RM2.50. Our bill came to a little more than RM30 and we did ask for a “special” discount as mentioned by Rasa Malaysia in her featured review just for the heck of it. And NO we didn’t get it, so don’t bother asking lol.

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  1. @Pei Hau, thanks for visiting, hope to see your comments more in future :)

    @wooncc, haha good to know someone shares the same thought about the fried radish cake

    @NKOTB, yeah imagine the embarrassment when she said “NO” to us lol. Anyway no harm trying.. we were just trying to be funny.

  2. Vkeong, sorry sorry, pai seh that you didn’t get the discount, but there is supposed to be a VIP discount for your next visit. Apologies I didn’t get the fact straight. But that being said, the next time I go home, I will clarify with them.

    Nice review and great pictures. I love the pockey mouse too, the popping sensation of the poppy seeds in the mouth is awesome!

  3. @Steven Goh, there’s no such thing as because I blogged about it you couldn’t do that one la lol. If I had this idea then I wouldn’t blog about it already.. since there were 3-4 reviews before me, even in 2006!

    @Rasa Malaysia, nevermind nevermind.. As i said before we were just asking for the heck of it lol. I always do such things, so no harm :D Are you sure I will get a VIP discount for my next trip? :P

  4. Happy New Year!! Went there once for lunch with colleagues. Haven’t try the cute pokey mouse before..have to bring kailih to try that liaw. Blog more about new places, hehe, All the best for your 2008!

  5. Vkeong, I called and clarify with Shanghai Ding, but it looks like they discontinued the VIP card special discount a few months ago. That’s why the mixed up. As I am in the US, so my information is always a few months behind… pai seh pai seh again. :P

    Anyway, I spoke to the lady boss, she said she remembers you and she asked you to go back again wor. ;)


  6. I just wanted to Know for this Restaurant Shanghai’s Ding Tai Feng it is any branch in this No. 27 JlnSS22/55 Petaling Jaya Kuala Lumpur.

    I am not sure either. But there’s a Din Tai Feng in Midvalley Gardens. I am pretty sure they are not the same restaurants because even the menu is different. Same name coincidence, perhaps

  7. I tried at this restaurant before in last yr. I think they serve the best siu long bao I ever tasted. ya the Pokey mouse and Crispy honey BBQ pastry taste good.. they somemore write a poem on the wall which teach you how to eat siu long bao in a correct way.. haha not bad and very creative..


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