Shogun2U – Reliable and Affordable Food Delivery in KL

Shogun2u food delivery KL
Shogun2u food delivery KL

If you have been sitting on the fence about whether to try Shogun2U‘s online meal delivery service, there’s no better time to try it than now.
8excite is offering Shogun2U’s RM50 cash voucher at a 50% discount for RM25 and you should grab the offer while it’s still available. So far I have been satisfied with their service, which I find to be affordable and more importantly – reliable. Delivery is free of charge too for all registered members.

Shogun2u food delivery KL

The main reason I choose to order from Shogun2U is because it’s one of the very few food delivery service in the Klang Valley that actually delivers to Kepong.
FYI the other cities and towns they deliver to include Cheras, Puchong, Segambut, Shah Alam, Kajang and many more. For the full listing you can refer to their app and website’s main page.

Shogun2u food ordering app

For those who do not have a PC, you can still use Shogun2U’s app to order your food. It’s available for iOS and Android, and it’s free to download and use. Your account is synced between the platforms so it does not matter which you use to place your order, you can easily track your order details and history in all devices.

Shogun2u app food shopping

You might think that Shogun2U only offers Japanese food, but there’s also plenty of other Asian dishes, snacks and desserts on the menu. You can even purchase simple groceries from the Shogun Mart such as instant noodles, coffee, canned food and various sauces and condiments right from the comfort of your phone. The total number of items you can buy with the app currently is close to 500.

Shogun2u order food online

After adding your items to the shopping cart, the next step would be to choose the city and area for delivery. Then, you can pick the date and time for the order to arrive. This is a highly convenient feature because you can plan your order in advance.
You can also add multiple addresses to your account, which is useful if you need the food to be delivered, say, to your office instead. Payments can be made in cash, cash voucher and credit/debit card.

Shogun2u food delivery rider

When it comes to food delivery, punctuality is a must and also the highest priority. So far, Shogun2U’s food delivery has been on time, if not earlier than expected. The food is packed in an insulated bag which keeps them warm and protected from the weather.
If you plan to eat later, you simply reheat the food in a microwave, as they are packed in microwavable containers. The containers are of high quality and reusable after being cleaned.

Shogun2u salmon and chiken teriyaki with rice

The Salmon and Chicken Teriyaki @ RM27.90 is our favorite item to order from Shogun2U and it has never failed to satisfy. The salmon always tastes fresh and the teriyaki sauce is rich and tasty to be enjoyed with rice.

Shogun2u Chicken Dakgalbi

Weekly specials lets you try something new every week and they come with sides and a drink too. I had the Korean Premium Dak-Galbi @ RM18.90 and I have to say it was well prepared, appetizing and the quality is actually on par with what you get at the normal Korean restaurants – just a tad sweeter than expected.

Shogun2u Kobe Sushi Set

The sushi platters are great for parties and sharing. Choices available range from the basic Maki Sushi Pack (24pcs, RM15.90) to premium ones like Nagasaki Set (28pcs, RM56.90). Shown above is the Kobe Set @ RM28.90, perfect for two and includes mostly seafood based sushi.

Shogun2u 8excite cash voucher

So the next time you decide to kick back at home and enjoy a meal without having to do the physical shopping and cooking, consider ordering from Shogun2U too. And don’t forget to check out 8excite first for Shogun2U’s cash vouchers to enjoy substantial savings.

Shogun2U Food Delivery

Delivery hours: 11am to 10pm, closed on Sundays

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