No Name Siham Stall @ Taman Asean, Melaka

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Boiled Seafood with Chili Sauce Melaka

Visitors to Melaka may not know that ‘longkang siham’ is not the only place you can enjoy siham, lala and other shellfish.
So if the idea of eating cockles next to the drain with motorcycles zooming by behind you unnerves you, then you should check out the siham stall in Taman Asean. It’s less touristy, more hygienic and you get to enjoy your boiled seafood in a proper eating environment.

Siham Stall Taman Asia Melaka

This unnamed siham stall has been around for 3 years and it’s a family owned and operated business. They get their supply of shellfish from the local fishermen and their dipping sauce is homemade as well.

During our visit, only cockles and clams were available and we did not see any sea snails. Other options you have include the grilled fish balls and sotong kangkung.

Boiled Cockles with Chili Sauce
Boiled Clams

The cockles and clams are priced at a flat price of RM3/plate, which is not too bad considering the scarcity of these shellfish in the recent years. If you went to the wet market you would know that it costs RM12-RM15/kg for cockles now.
Just for the sake of comparison, Tong Bee sold a plate of siham for RM1.50 6 years ago and you probably get two-third of what you see in the photo above.

Fresh Cockles

But of course, freshness comes first before anything else and we were more than satisfied with what we had. The cockles were plump, juicy without any weird metallic taste. If the cockles looks too raw for your liking, you can always request for them to be cooked longer. We always ask for half-cooked.

Kangkung Sotong
Grilled Fish Balls

Since we were already here, we decided to try their sotong kangkung and grilled fish balls too. Ermm, nothing fantastic although the latter would be a better choice. They are really more of a filler to complement the seafood.

Siham Stall Taman Asia
Bai Jia Coffee Shop Melaka

The easiest way to look for this siham stall is to set your Waze to Bai Jia Coffee Shop. Alternatively you can also use The Huskitory pet shop as a landmark because they are located diagonally opposite of each other.

No Name Siham Stall

Bai Jia Coffee Shop, Jalan Asean 9
Taman Asean, 75250 Melaka
Business hours: 7pm to 1am, closed on Sundays

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