Sisters Curry Laksa (Seapark) @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

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While I was flipping through the newspaper one Sunday, a particular food related article caught my attention. Usually I won’t pay much attention to the articles because they are introducing foods mostly located in KL.
But, the article that day talked about the Sisters famous Curry Laksa noodles at Seapark opening a branch in Bandar Puteri Puchong. Being a curry noodles fan, I copied down the address and contact number immediately from the newspaper, with a plan already in mind to visit it soon.


One of the highlighted noodles was Seafood Curry Laksa @ RM11.80, said to come with huge prawns and lots of fresh squids and cockles. To be honest, I was kinda skeptical at first on how much seafood they could possibly give. Luckily my worries did not materialize, as the noodles was true to its claim and came with plenty of seafood. I think a big whole squid was served with the curry laksa, you can judge the quantity from the photo.


The Seafood Curry Laksa’s portion was big, tasted great and the seafood was cooked just right especially the squids. I can’t recall having any more tender squids than this.. they were not not rubbery at all! Prawns’ size was more than satisfactory and most importantly, fresh from the sea and not sourced from the farm.

For me, sinking my teeth into those succulent prawns while sipping the sweet, thick and spicy soup was most pleasurable. If there’s one thing I could complain about the curry laksa, it had to be the MSG level. I am a curry mee freak and I would always finish the soup if it was good. So, I did that and barely 10 minutes later, I could already feel the dryness and thirstiness in my throat – a clear sign of Chinese Restaurant Syndrome. But then again, I guess it’s rare to find someone crazy enough to finish a big bowl of curry soup lol.


SL ordered the Dry Curry Laksa @ RM5.80. It came with long beans, tofu pok, fresh cockles and some sliced chicken. Taste wise we both agree it was above average, slightly better than those sold in normal hawker centres. Then again, it’s slightly more expensive so I guess you really pay for what you get eh?


Two types of chili sauce, one for the chicken rice and another for curry laksa. We didn’t try the chicken rice nor even felt like trying – simply because we were here to sample the curry laksa. If you didn’t know (or didn’t read the article) this branch is being managed by the Sister’s son. He was the one who prepared our noodles (answered my calls too, lol) and you can look up his photo in the article.
Oh, there was something about him worth mentioning. When my Seafood Curry Laksa came, it took me a while before I got the satisfied shots. This caused the noodles to cool down a bit and he was courteous enough to top up some warm soup for me. Nice.


Some drinks we had for the dinner.. canned chrysanthemum tea and Honey Lemon Tea @ RM3.50. Yeah, we ordered cooling drinks to help counter the spiciness lol.


The restaurant interior. As you can see it was quite empty even on a weekend night. I think it’s because the restaurant’s is a bit hidden from the main road and the area is quite new as well. Even for someone who’s familiar with Bandar Puteri like me, I had to call the owner up twice for directions before I could find it.


The easiest way to locate this shop is to look for EasyPha-Max. Sisters Curry Laksa is directly opposite it, next to a car wash. I have marked the place for you at wikimapia.. so I hope it helps. Definitely worth a try if you stay nearby. Pork free.

Sister Curry Laksa Noodles Cuisine
12G, Jln Puteri 2/6
Bdr Puteri Puchong
47100 Puchong

H/P: 013-2628892, 016-3776789

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