Skillet At 163 Casual Fine Dining @ Fraser Place, KL

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Skillet @ 163 has taken over the spot originally occupied by Mediteca at Fraser Place. The owner of this new restaurant, Raymond is also the executive chef and he has vast experiences in pastry making, with a particular passion in chocolate work. So if you do come here, be sure not to leave without trying their captivating chocolate desserts.


I highly recommend the Scotch Eggs & Asian Slaws @ RM28 simply for its taste. What’s invisible in this normal looking everyday salad is the cleverly crafted Asian dressing that’s infused with a subtle yet distinctive lemongrass flavour.
The addition of slices of bunga kantan also does gives the dish a unique aroma that lifts it from good to great. As for the eggs, it’s soft-boiled and wrapped in minced chicken and cili padi which lent the salad a spicy finish.


As far as sandwich is concerned, the Nasi Lemak Inspired Sandwich @ RM28 has got to be one of the more original creations. It’s an open-faced sandwich topped with a grilled boneless chicken thigh, sambal, anchovies, cucumber slices, peanuts, arugula and egg – basically all the ingredients usually found in a nasi lemak.


The chicken thigh itself tasted pretty much like it was marinated with a satay seasoning, while the sambal does a pretty good job at complementing the overall flavour. My only gripe was that the sambal could have used a stronger kick of spiciness because it’s quite mild even for non-spicy eating foreigners’ standard.


Skillet serves good burgers too as seen in their Homemade Australian Beef Burger @ RM38. The patty was tender and juicy but not overly moist, so the bun could retain its texture and it wasn’t a big mess to enjoy.


It might not be the best burger in town but you gotta give them credit for making an enjoyable one without stinging on the ingredients. You could see that the patty itself is as thick as the bun and there’s plenty of cheese and bacon sandwiched between too for extra flavours.
There’s really nothing I could complain about this burger but (I am nitpicking here) if they toasted the bun to a crisp, golden brown with butter prior to serving – I think it’d tasted even better.

Watermelon Lychee Sorbet

Before you try the chocolate desserts, it’s a good idea to first cleanse your palate with a refreshing made-on-the-spot Liquid Nitrogen (-196 °C) Sorbet @ RM30. The flavour of the sorbet varies from time to time and if you have a specific flavour in mind, you could actually request for it – provided that they do have the fruits available.
Our watermelon sorbet was made by mixing liquid nitrogen into watermelon juice, then topped with slices of lychee for extra sweetness. The texture of the sorbet is much finer and smoother than usual since it has smaller ice crystal size – but that also means it melts faster. So enjoy it quickly before it turns back into normal watermelon juice.

Texture of Chocolate Preparation

For a satisfying end to the meal, there’s simply nothing better than having their signature Texture of Chocolate @ RM45. Besides being a full-time chef, Chef Raymond is also a consultant for an international chocolate brand and has been a judge for world chocolate championships. With that qualifications in mind, you should probably know that his chocolate creations are of world-class standard and will sure delight.
The dessert is presented in a clay bowl where white chocolate made into a popcorn like texture are contained in a Belgium chocolate sphere. Underneath the sphere are raspberry sauce and chocolate soils to provide a nice tartness to balance the sweetness, and adds texture to it.


How it works is that liquid nitrogen is poured into the sphere to harden the chocolate sphere and popcorn bits. Then a small mallet is provided to a chosen diner to give it a quick knock, which will break the sphere into pieces. The moment the sphere breaks is almost like a small explosion and you’d see the ‘popcorn’ bursting out. I tell you, it’s quite a visual experience.
Lastly, melted chocolate is poured on the chocolate pieces that forms a velvety layer that melts in your mouth. Even though it’d sound like this is a very sweet dessert, it’s actually quite the opposite. You will taste a lot (yet not overwhelming) of actual chocolate and not sugar.

For those interested to try, there’s an ongoing Biz Lunch Set promo that starts from RM19.90 for a 2-course meal which comes with a complementary dessert. It’s quite a deal considering the restaurant’s location and setting so there’s no reason to miss out on this.


The restaurant has this warm and inviting vibe, so nice that it makes you want to linger just a bit longer. For those who want to enjoy a quieter and cozy seating area, the first floor is furnished with comfy sofa seats for you to enjoy a cuppa in a relaxed atmosphere.




Skillet 163 Restaurant


Skillet @ 163

163 Fraser Place, Jalan Perak, Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: 11.30am to 10.30pm (Closed on Sundays)
Tel: 03-2181 2426

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