Skippys Pizza – The Real Pork Pizza Co @ Phileo Damansara 1, PJ

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Unless you know where to look for it, Pork Pizza is not an easy thing to find in Klang Valley. Just not too long ago there was this article in The Star about Skippys Pizza – a delivery only pizza store that could be the real deal. They even label themselves as ‘The Real Pork Pizza Co‘.
As interesting as it seemed, I wasn’t really convinced to try because you know lah how newspaper articles work. Moreover, when it comes to pizza I still prefer Dominos for their no frills pizza-delivery. But after I caught wind that their restaurant is finally open and accepts dine-in customers, we decided to check it out.


There are much to be said about this pizza place’s history and the owners but I will only say one thing: the skipping kangaroo is selected as the restarurant’s logo because their pizza recipes have an Australian influence in it. For the rest, please refer to the article I linked from The Star earlier. Now back to the restaurant. Since it is still new there are no signboards up yet and the restaurant is as basic as it could be, just a few tables here and there. But still feels comfy and clean nonetheless.


Besides the usual pizza, pasta, lasagna and salad that you would find in any pizza place, you would be surprised to know that they serve Bak Kut Teh too which actually comes under the ‘Special of the Day’. Err, honestly it doesn’t really make sense to me for a pizza place to serve Bak Kut Teh. But whatever floats their boat.

Skippys’ weekdays lunch specials are not bad too where you get two large pizzas and a side order for RM70. Of course, when you compare Skippys with the pizza chain giants like Dominos and Pizza Hut they are slightly more expensive. But none of the chain pizza has pork pizza on the menu and that’s the main thing.
Here, you won’t find any pizza with chicken or beef toppings. They are either vegetarian or non-vegetarian and the latter consists of purely pork and more pork. And one thing I find really like about the pizza here is that you are getting bang for your buck. Just look at how the pizza is filled with ingredients to the brim. Enough said.


We were actually quite torn that day among the Fay’s Special, Marc’s Special and Meat Lovers (Fay and Marc are the husband and wife owners of Skippys if you are wondering) In the end, we settled for a large 12″ Meat Lovers @ RM32. It is topped with pork bacon, pork ham, pork pepperoni, minced pork and BBQ sauce. Since we were not given the crust choices I am assuming all the pizzas here are baked with thin-crust. It is delicious alright but I do feel that the BBQ sauce is a little too sweet.


This is when these additional condiments specially prepared by Fay come into place. The red hot chili paste works like a charm to offset the sweetness while giving a spicy kick to the pizza. I know what you are thinking and I do agree with you that it is weird to spread chili paste on pizza. But never try never know I guess. For me, the pizza’s taste was taken to another level and I actually had every slice with chili paste. Not a fan of the garlic paste though, as I feel it is an overkill already.


My vegetarian friend had a 9″ Funghi Pizza topped with Button Mushroom only. I have no comment on the taste but it is definitely better just to fork out an extra RM7 and go for the 12″ one instead – the difference in portion size is just huge.


We also had a go at their Pork Ribs, said to be coated with 7 sauces @ RM20. Nothing really exceptional though, I still prefer Jarrod & Rawlins’ Hickory Baby Back Ribs.


Instead of typing them out here’s a photo of their specials.


Like I mentioned earlier the restaurant is still new hence there are things missing here and there. Even the signboard is not ready yet. If you are planning to dine in, the most obvious advantage would be to be able to savor the food at their freshest. The downside would be the expensive parking rate at Phileo Damansara. But then, a few ringgit is worth spending for better tasting pizzas. So, would I return? A big YES – in fact we are already planning for it.

Skippys Pizza – The Real Pork Pizza Co.
Restaurant Address (Dine In):
107 Blok D Phileo Damansara 1,
No. 9 Jalan 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara,
43650 Petaling Jaya.
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.649 E101 38.580
6% service charge for dine in

Delivery Area:
Bandar Utama, TTDI, Tropicana, Damansara
Perdana, SS1-26,Mutiara Damansara, Mount Kiara, Hartamas, Bangsar, Subang Jaya, PJ section 4-22, Damansara Heights.
Other areas on request.
No deliveries during heavy rain & thunderstorms
Minimum order RM 30,00

Tel: 03-7931 2555

Operating Hours:
Sunday – Friday: 11:30-23:00
Saturday: 17:00-23:00

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