Snacks under RM10 to Eat at MyTOWN Shopping Centre

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MyTOWN Shopping Centre is a new shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur. Like everyone else, we were intrigued with the opening of this new mall and we decided to go and check it out. Food choices are aplenty and there are many options for snacks at MyTOWN Shopping Centre. Best of all, they are highly affordable. Here are the 10 places you should check out for snacks which you can enjoy for under RM10:

1. Tuk Tuk Cha

Tuk Tuk Cha MyTOWN

Tuk Tuk Cha is a Thai restaurant that serves Thai food. One of the snacks that are commonly found in Thailand is bread with spread. At Tuk Tuk Cha, you may try their Golden Toast which is basically bread covered with Planta and thereafter deep fried to get the crunchy texture. This golden toast is served with a choice of 1 dipping of pandan kaya, taro kaya, milk tea kaya, condensed milk and Milo, or Nutella chocolate. The price is between RM7.90 to RM8.50 depending on your choice of dipping.

2. I Love Yoo

I Love Yoo Porridge Soya Milk Set
I Love Yoo MyTOWN Cheras

If you are looking for a hot snack, you may try I Love Yoo’s Yoo Tiao and Porridge for only RM5.60. I Love Yoo’s Yoo Tiao is made fresh every day. Yoo Tiao is one of the most popular Chinese breakfast and snacks around Asia. But you don’t have to limit this to breakfast. In fact, I Love Yoo is open throughout the day and you may have this savory and lightly salted, long golden brown deep-fried breadstick for lunch, tea breaks or even dinner.

3. Under Big Tree

Curry Yong Tau Fu
Under Big Tree MyTOWN Cheras

Under Big Tree is a Yong Tau Foo restaurant. Each yong tau foo is priced at RM2.00 a piece and is only made fresh only upon order. Under Big Tree’s yong tau foo is served with their signature curry or soup.

4. Nelson’s

Nelson's Waffle and Drink
Nelson's MyTOWN Cheras

Nelson’s is generally known for their corns. But do you know that they also sells dorayaki? Nelson’s dorayaki is made fresh to order with their innovative equipments. There are plenty of choice for filing and they include peanut butter, kaya, red bean, chocolate and strawberry. 3 pieces of dorayaki is priced at RM7.80.

5. Pizza & Coffee Co.

Pizza & Coffee Co MyTOWN Cheras

Pizza & Coffee Co.’s menu is very straight forward and as you would have guessed it by now, they only serve pizza and coffee. All pizzas are baked fresh everyday and is only RM7.90 for a piece suitable for 1 person. There are non-vegetarian pizzas and vegetarian pizzas. Coffees are the usual ones like latte, cappuccino and etc.

6. Little Fat Duck

Little Fat Duck Pasta
Little Fat Duck MyTOWN Cheras

If you are looking for something heavier but still under RM10.00 for snack, you may try Little Fat Duck’s Cream Mushroom Mornay. This inspired by French and Italian cuisine restaurant serves ducks as part of the many French dishes that are available here. The name Little Fat Duck came about with the dual concepts of French and Italian cuisines and ducks.

7. Japan Boat Takoyaki

Japan Boat Takoyaki
Japan Boat Takoyaki MyTOWN Cheras

Japan Boat Takoyaki’s takoyaki is another snack you can have for under RM10.00 at MyTOWN Shopping Centre. 3 pieces of takoyaki served in a boat-like paper container is priced at RM5.20 per boat. The takoyaki only comes in 3 flavours and they are original, wasabi or creamy sauce.

8. Hatch Tegg Eggette

Eggette with Ice Cream
Hatch Tegg MyTOWN Cheras

Hatch Tegg Eggette’s waffles are between RM4.90 to RM6.40 a piece. Their crunchy traditional egg waffles are the perfect snack for you as the portion is just nice for as a food taken in between meals. The waffles comes in 5 flavours and they are chocolate, green tea, pandan, chicken floss and charcoal flavour. You may also add toppings and ice cream for an additional RM4.00.

9. Kris Krust

Kris Krust Set Meal
Kris Krust MyTOWN Cheras

Kris Krust is not like any other burger joints in town. Instead of using buns for their burger, they use puffs. If you are looking for a snack that is under RM10.00, their Chicken Slice with Egg Burger is priced at RM8.00 is a good choice.

10. Papparoti

PappaRoti MyTOWN Cheras
PappaRoti MyTOWN Shopping Centre

Papparoti’s Mexican Bun @ RM3.40 is a scrumptiously appealing golden-brown buns that are crispy on the outside while light and fluffy in the inside. This fragrant coffee-coated bun with its buttery filling is best eaten hot. You can add toppings for an additional RM2.00 with choices of coloured rice, cranberry, walnut & etc.

So there you have it, 10 snacks that you can enjoy for RM10 and below at MyTOWN Shopping Centre.

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