Snowy Dessert Home @ Sunway Pyramid

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One day when we were shopping at Sunway Pyramid, we felt a little hungry and wanted to eat something to fill our stomachs. While walking around to hunt for food, we saw some pretty girls dressed in cute costumes handing out flyers of Hong Kong snacks.
You know, stuff like curry fish ball, little bowl fins 碗仔翅 and desserts. The food seemed interesting (and cheap) enough so we decided to give Snowy Dessert Home a try. Besides, the portions didn’t look big which was perfect for a quick bite. Trust me it wasn’t because of the cute girls we dined here. Well, maybe a little LOL.

spaghetti with italian herbs

What really caught my attention among all was this Italian Herbs Spaghetti @ RM8.90. It was one of the two available spaghettis to choose from, with the other one being Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce. Because the dish looked really great on the menu, we couldn’t resist ordering it. And the chef did a good job preparing it.

spaghetti with italian herbs

The spaghetti tasted nice and was packed with flavor. But, what surprised us was the spiciness level in the dish. Apparently chili oil was also used as one of the seasoning, which we only knew when we noticed traces of red chili oil on the plate. To be honest, the spaghetti is better than some so-called Italian restaurants can dish out. Bravo.

bowl sharks fin

Curious on how the sharkfin soup‘s taste will differ from the restaurants’, we ordered a bowl just to try. It cost RM5 and preparation time is long (about 15-20 minutes) Luckily Snowy Dessert Home’s seatings are situated next to the windows where you can see the activities in Sunway Lagoon’s Theme Park. Else, we wouldn’t even bother.
Sadly though, the sharkfin soup was a disappointment. Glass noodles are used instead of real sharkfin (what did you expect for RM5 lol) and it was quite salty. There were plenty of other ingredients like chicken and black fungus as well but the saltiness essentially spoilt the whole thing.

curry fish ball

We also had a stick of curry fish balls @ RM3. Quite nice but each ball cost 50 cents each, kinda pricey.

mango dessert

Since we didn’t have any drinks, we had a nice dessert instead – Sago in Mango with Black Glutinous Rice @ RM7.90. It was the perfect dessert and well worth the price too considering the amount of fresh mango given. Being a huge mango fan, I wouldn’t mind eating it again and again and again lol.
For me, the spaghetti and dessert alone are reasons enough give Snowy Dessert Home a try. And emm.. for those who love cosplays too, lol.

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