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Somsak Pu Ob Seafood Glass Noodle @ Khlong San, Bangkok


Our first attempt to eat at Somsak Pu Ob did not go as planned because they were not open. But in hindsight that was a blessing in disguise, or else we wouldn’t have ended up at Che Peak (Jay Piek).

Somsak Pu Ob Cooking Seafood Vermicelli

Since I have tried both seafood with glass noodle stalls, I can now say with confidence that both of them are equally good. The difference is that one has been heavily featured in media, while the other received almost none.
So if you came to Khlong San for Somsak Pu Ob but it’s not open or the long wait is unbearable, just walk further down the road and go for Che Peak instead.

Somsak Pu Ob Menu

Due to their popularity with foreign tourists, an English menu with prices is available for your ordering convenience. Absolutely no problem for those don’t speak a word of Thai.

Somsak Pu Ob Cleaning Crabs
Somsak Pu Ob Cleaning Prawns
Somsak Pu Ob Crab Roe in Claypot
Somsak Pu Ob Metal Pot Prawn Vermicelli

Somsak Pu Ob has more staff compared to Che Peak to handle the crowd. Every worker has their own specific task so it’s a rather organized operation for a street food business.
While waiting for your food, do snoop around instead of sitting around (as long as you don’t get in the way) to see how the things are done. This is definitely not something you get to see every day.

Somsak Pu Ob Prawn Vermicelli
Somsak Pu Ob Huge Prawns

We had the Goong Op Woon Sen (Baked Prawns with Glass Noodle) @ 290 baht. A total of 4 humongous tiger prawns were given and they all tasted extremely fresh and succulent.
Even if you do not fancy glass noodle, the prawns alone were delicious enough to warrant a visit. It’s cooked on a bed of fatty pork slices, ginger and flavored with a mix of their secret sauce, both white and black pepper then garnished with spring onions.

Somsak Pu Ob Live Crabs
Somsak Pu Ob Meaty Live Crabs
Somsak Pu Ob Crab Roe Vermicelli
Somsak Pu Ob Crab Roe

As for the Pu Ob Woon Sen (Baked Crab with Glass Noodle) you get to choose between crab with roe or without roe. Since the price difference is negligible, we of course picked the one with roe for extra flavor. This serving you see above costs 360 baht which is roughly RM45. Not bad at all considering you get a decent sized, fresh and meaty crab.
Now taste is a subjective thing but if you want my opinion, prawn is the more recommended choice of seafood here. They are more satisfying to enjoy, easier to eat and more flavorful all around.

Somsak Pu Ob Boiled Mussels

Not everything here is great though. The boiled mussels with basil leaves @ 70 baht was forgettable and overcooked to a rubbery state.

Somsak Pu Ob Claypot Crab Noodle

Lastly, it is advisable that you get here by 6pm to avoid the long wait and the possibility of them selling out earlier than usual, especially if it’s a weekend. Wongwian Yai is the nearest BTS station and it takes about 5 minutes to reach here on foot.
For first timers, I recommend taking Uber (Grabcar is still unreliable in Bangkok) to save time. You can use World Leather Center as a landmark if you can’t find an appropriate destination.

Somsak Pu Ob (สมศักดิ์ ปูอบ)

Thanon Charoen Rat Soi 1, Khlong San, Bangkok
Tel: 081-823-9706
Business hours: Mon – Sat (5pm – 10pm), Sunday (4pm to 10pm)

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