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Soo Kee’s Son (Meng Chuan) Prawn & Beef Noodles @ Medan Imbi


Pan Heong’s Sang Har Hor Fun was good but the not-so-fresh prawns triggered me to look for a better one. Since there is no way I will ever step foot into Soo Kee, I walked into their son’s shop instead which is situated just across the road at Medan Imbi. You will definitely be able to recognize the restaurant just by looking at the signboard that says “Soo Kee’s Son (Meng Chuan)” Prawn & Beef Noodles.
In fact, this was Soo Kee’s original location before they moved to the current one (under big tree), then Meng Chuan took over. There is certainly some family dispute among them but let’s not go into that and just enjoy the food.


Besides Sang Har Noodle, I am also here is to try Meng Chuan’s famous beef noodles that always comes with plenty of recommendations.


This is the main reason the beef noodles here is famous – soft and tender beef slices that make all the difference. The noodle itself is not bad too, skillfully cooked with lots of ‘wok hei’, delicious even without the beef. Even though the beef slices are really out of the world and melts in the mouth, there is a weird metallic aftertaste after consuming too much of them, which I suspect is due to the huge amount of baking soda used to tenderize the beef. A normal serving costs RM9 but ours cost RM15 because we requested additional meat.


The Sang Har Meen can be ordered with two different noodles, either Sang Meen which is thinner and crunchy when deep fried, or Yee Mee. I will take Sang Meen anyday because I find Yee Mee tend to introduce unpleasant taste into anything they are cooked with. When the Sang Har noodle arrived it was a sight to behold and we were quite impressed. The prawns could very well be the biggest we have encountered so far. Taste wise it was no doubt brilliant and the eggy gravy is full of the prawn’s sweetness, definitely a notch better than Pan Heong’s as far as I am concerned.


As expected, the prawns here are superbly fresh with firm, bouncy flesh. If you dig the flesh carefully you might be able to rip the whole body off its shell too! To show you its relative size I have singled out half a portion of the prawn on a small plate which is able to hold it just nice. Just look at the amount of roe, no wonder the gravy tastes so good. So even though Pan Heong’s Sang Har noodle is cheaper than Soo Kee/Meng Chuan’s you do get what you paid for.


Although Meng Chuan is not as popular compared to the original Soo Kee, the restaurant is visibly cleaner (notice how the floor is spotless?) and service is a lot better too. Well I wouldn’t say they are extra-friendly but at least they don’t scold the customers and I could eat at ease here.


With an open kitchen you are able to see the action when the chefs are cooking. And we purposely chose the table nearest to the kitchen for this. There were two chefs cooking when I was there but I was particularly intrigued by the old uncle who constantly caught our attention with the huge flames bursting out of his stove. Seeing that probably added some ‘wow’ moments into our already memorable meal.


Meng Chuan’s menu with price and opening hours clearly displayed.


Soo Kee’s Son (Meng Chuan) Prawn & Beef Noodles
Restoran New Imbi Garden,
Medan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N3 08.665 E101 42.853
Opening hours: 12pm to 12am, closed on Wednesdays

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