Soon Hong Dim Sum Restaurant (Revisit)


Dim Sum has always been my favorite choice when it comes to snapping food pictures. They are small and great for macro shots and looks good even if they taste bad lol. A revisit to Soon Hong Dim Sum Restaurant last weekend was a pleasant one because there were some new dim sum we tried.

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The one located bottom right is fried siu mai. Quite surprising, first time I saw siu mai being deep fried. It was good.

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Who can resist these cute looking mini egg tarts :P I just had to take a plate lol.

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This dim sum has a funny name, lou shu mai. Do they resemble the shape of rats? A bit la.

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Not sure what is this dim sum called but it was very nice! One of the best I had that morning.

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No that’s not sharks fin on the century egg lol, just tong fun (glass noodles) only.

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Lastly, the must-order siu mai. This gotta be the nicest photo of siu mai I have ever taken :D As I mentioned before the only problem eating at Soon Hong is that they don’t use trolleys with hot water, causing the dim sum can to get cold pretty quick and lose taste. So do request for them to be reheated, the staff is very helpful ;)

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  2. The dim sum seems pretty special. And why do the mini egg-tarts seems cute but orangish? Does the taste similar to the normal ones? Or some extra flavourings or colourings are added to it?

  3. Alamak! Reading your blog makes me think of all the places that I DIDN’T eat at during my last trip home. I definitely have not been to Soon Hong, although I went to Hong Kong DimSum on MacAllister Road…quality seems to have dropped. Will try Soon Hong on my next trip. Also, I haven’t been to Nagore Road after all the renovations and bright lights. Looks gorgeous. Love the pics that you took with night lights.


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