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Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant – Northern and Southern India Cuisine


Little India in Penang is the place to look for good Indian food. Once you step into Little India you will first be greeted by the smell of burning incense sticks, the sights of colorful clothes and the hearing of loud Indian music.


Sri Ananda Bahwan was the place I went for the taste of Little India. Located at the intersection of King Street (Lebuh King) and Penang Street (Lebuh Penang) Sri Ananda Bahwan offers northern and southern India cuisine, one of their many specialties is banana leaf rice.


Actually I got to know this restaurant from Deva, who’s currently doing his industrial training in my company. It was his recommendation which prompted me to come to Little India and try the Indian food here.


A set of banana leaf rice with chicken costs RM6. The restaurant is very generous with the curry, they left a 2 big bowls of curry chicken and dhaal for us. At first, I thought it would be charged into our bill But it’s actually free. It might be known to you guys but this is my first banana leaf meal, so pardon my ignorance lol.


Chicken masala tosai is excellent and it’s only RM3.50. The chicken masala is placed at the center of the tosai and then folded into shape. Eating the tosai with masala chicken and curry gravy.. fuyoh, damn nice. You must really try this!


There are also many types of cakes which all look very nice. Too bad I was already full from the banana leaf set and couldn’t stomach more..


Delicious looking curries that I will definitely try the next time I return. Besides Penang Street, Ananda Bahwan also has branches in Bukit Mertajam, Tanjung Bungah, sungai Petani and Kuala Lumpur! Do you have any recommendation for good Indian food? Please do tell me, for I am a curry lover lol.

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