“Sri Sentosa” Coffee Shop


Sri Sentosa” coffee shop is owned by one of my grandmother’s sworn sister. When my grandparents came to Malaysia from China about 50-60 years ago, they were alone and got to know some friends. Eventually they became so close that they became sworn sisters and took care of one another.

Usual scene in the weekends

People from all corners of BM will flock to this coffee shop every weekend to have breakfast. The most popular food sold here is none other than Dried Hokkien Noodles, “Hokkien Ta” – Highly acclaimed as the best in BM. The others are so-so, nothing worth mentioning.

Chee Cheong Fun
BM Style Chee Cheong Fun(really fun :P) Much nicer than HK style IMO, 80 cents only leh!

Dried Hokkien Mee
The famous Dried Hokkien Noodles, can add-on pork ribs on request :) Char Koay Teow
Char Koay Teow, nothing special.. used to be great

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  1. I am very miss this ‘Hokkien Ta’.Every time while I went back to my hometown sure having my breakfast overhere.I din’t eat it while I back on last month cos they close for CNY.


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