SS2 “Murni” Restaurant

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I was brought to this mamak-like “Murni” restaurant by Ji Xian about a year ago and it left me with very deep impression. It served many different roti canais I haven’t heard before that time, “Roti Beckham”, “Roti Ayam”, “Roti Hawaii” etc.. Basically the rotis are all stuffed with different fillings, and topped with really generous amount of mayonaise.

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“Roti Hawaii”.. really huge

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The mayo guilt..
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“Roti Scramble” – lots of egg and mayo inside out. Their drinks are quite special too, contained in a peanut butter like glass bottle. Remember those bottles that we normally use to keep finghting fishes when we were small? Almost the same. The blended fruit juices are worth a try if you haven’t, with laicis and nata de coco inside.

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Ice Blended Fruit Juice(Mango)

This place is always packed, hailed by many as one of the favorite hangout place in KL (others being Ming Tien/Asia Cafe) It is so crowded that 3 neighboring shops were also used to accomodate the customers. Also famous are their nasi lemak, claypot “lau shu fen” and western food.
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Full house on a Friday night. If you happen to be around SS2, this is definitely a place you must visit. It’s located just behind the KFC. You cannot miss it.

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