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My birthday was two weekends ago and we went to Stadt Restaurant to celebrate it via a simple dinner. Stadt is a German Cuisine & Bistro which was brought to my attention by one of my readers – Khor after he read my post about Ingolf Kneipe.
Actually, I was already here even before my birthday about 6 months ago when I just started working in Cyberjaya. I didn’t blog about it until now because I wanted to try more dishes. But, that didn’t turn out as expected, you will know why later lol.


Stadt’s menu is very extensive with various types of meat available like pork, chicken, lamb and seafood. Just for your information, grilled items have a minimum 25 minutes waiting time. And if you are a drinker then you’d be glad to know Stadt also serves imported German beers. I heard the best way to enjoy German cuisine is by having beer, lots of it lol.
Anyway, the first time we were here (6 months ago), we ordered the German Pork Chop which was RM19.90 that time.


And for my birthday meal, we ordered the same thing again! We completely forgotten that we already tried the dish before, lol. Seems like the pork chop has a unique charm, eh?
Besides having a different look, the price has increased RM3 to RM22.90.(caused by the petrol price increase and inflation?) Well, I didn’t mind it at all because it’s still reasonable and there’s more side dishes given too.
I remembered the first time we had the pork chop, we felt it was a bit hard tasted a bit bland. This time, the dish improved with the meat being more tender and the brown sauce tasted better too.


Besides the pork chop, the German Bratwurst’s (sausage) price have increased as well. The double sausage used to cost RM15.90, it was such a steal. But now, a single sausage order alone would cost RM17.90 already.


This was what we had the first time. Never mind the price increase, the German Sausage is still a great dish – comparable to Ingolf Kneipe’s standard.
Apart from being longer and thicker than the ordinary sausages, German sausages pack a nicer and bouncier texture. A must try in German cuisine.


Mushroom Soup with a toast slice @ RM7.90 – thick and creamy, great for mushroom lovers.


Orange Citric Freeze @ RM8.90. Really gave me a temporary brain freeze when I drank it too fast, lol. A nice drink except I didn’t taste any orange in it, just a whole lot of vanilla flavor.


Chilled Mango Juice @ RM3.90.


Thanks to Khor for the nice recommendation. He was right about Stadt’s food being really good and reasonably priced. I had absolutely no regrets dining here.
This is a restaurant I would definitely return again in the future to sample the other dishes especially the German Pork Knuckle. I kinda regretted not ordering it after seeing the dish being served to almost every table. It looked damn delicious!


STADT German Cuisine & Bistro,
No 2, Jalan Metro Perdana 8,
Taman Usahawan Kepong,
Kepong Utara,
52100 Kuala Lumpur (Behind Carrefour/HSBC, corner lot)
Tel: 03-6250 1016
Map: Wikimapia

Other photos for your viewing pleasure:



stadt german kepong


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  1. It’s nice to see that you have chosen to review your birthday pork chop for this post. That plate of pork chop looks delicious, with lots of veg too.

    All these delicious German Food gives me the urge to pay a visit to Ingolf soon and I mean real soon…haha.

    vk: I wanna go Ingolf too :( I only tried their lunch menu before :(

  2. Yipee! I’m always after restaurants serving affordable slabs of pork meat! This is very useful indeed! I have to get a map of Kepong though…

    vk: Just look for Carrefour in Kepong and you will be fine :)

  3. rather pricey for that single pc of sausage, no?

    a minor note; somehow supplying Kimball chilli sauce brought down the grade to typical Mamak-style cafe selling chops. least give Heinz, or something. just a thought.

    vk: Come to think of it, yeah the sausage is kinda pricey if compared with the pork chop. Difference by RM3-4 only.

  4. happy belated birthday!

    looks good, but portion on the small side eh? gorgeous pics as usual. :)

    vk: Thanks :) Portion wise it was still OK for me.. just nice :)

  5. pork chop looks good!! like CK said…giving me cravings for german food… must go ingolf liao… i havent reviewed them yet. :)

    vk: Ya you must definitely go. Remember to call for reservation first.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday!!

    Yay, another October baby… Both Mocha & Sourcream are October babies too… In fact, today is Sourcream’s birthday… hehe

    vk: Thanks :) Happy Birthday to Sourcream too :)

  7. Good intro …..

    I guess they are on the different segment in terms of pricing for German Foods. Most of the German Restaurants I have visited are very very expensive.

    This is much more affordable. I’ll be dropping by for an extensive review on their foods.

  8. the last sunday, i went to german stadt and try to taste. pork knuckle price is so cheap and mother and i ate some of the foods, seeing not bad .service also good . waiter is very pay attension and good service. very paitent and good attitude. i think he is not local but service nicely. my mother also enjoy. pls i give advice other that try to eat . u will have to see and enjoy .

  9. went yesterday for mother’s day celebration.

    Overall comment. Believe it or not! Nvr go on any occation! Their service sucks! Every staff is like Blur Blur, not even know which table to place their meal!

    1- Not serving table accordingly. Eventhough ppl came in and order later than us got their meal and finish earlier!

    2- ordered 5 main course, waited like 30 minutes per dishes!

    3- Waiter n waitress blur blur.. i think there was a chinese guy (part time), don’t even know which table numbering.

    4- Eventhough requesting for bill, they take like 20 minutes to response.

    5- I called for pre-reservation on last monday, but there wasn’t any reservation being done when we arrived.

    I will definately disagree for paying that 10% service tax.

    I’ve ordered Pork Knuckles, 2 rib-eyes, 1 Pork rib, 1 mixed sausages.
    Well, i found the food is just salty for me.. And they really spoilt my mood yesterday..

    Definately won’t go there again..

  10. i agreed with teresa. the service there is horrible. celebrated my wife b/day but have been spoil by it. the taste was quite tasty but the drawbacks are too much to justify my next visit.

  11. I was there twice so far. The last time we had Pork Knuckle, German Sausage and Pork Rib BBQ. The food was good, price reasonable compared with similar restaurant and service ok. The service crews are foreigner (Filipino & Myanmar) and I do understand their language limitations. The cook is Chinese and assist by some foreigners as I observed.

  12. at this age of blogs and tweets and social networking, voicing your complaint/compliment online is the norm. nothing unprofessional about it. we are just common people looking for food, not some very .professional’ VIP. i am quite surprise that someone who are literate enough to leave a comment on a food blog have some outdated notion about being discreet on our negative POV.
    if the price is reasonable and lower than other german restaurants, mind to have lower expextations. if you come on mother’s day (or any other big day) to ANY restaurants, expect to get inconsistant quality food and slower services. if i pass by kepong i might try Stadt someday. though the saussage is a bit pricey for supposedly lower price range german restaurant. Eurodeli, which serve german and european food in Jln Yap Kwan Seng, KL, might serve cheaper saussages. their price also very reasonable. if you love meat and pork in big portions, Eurodeli is quite ok.

  13. I love their Pork Knuckle and German Sausage at STADT PUCHONG outlet which is near my house at BANDAR PUTERI PUCHONG. Personally, I think this outlet’s Pork Knuckle is real good compared to the knuckle that I have tasted elsewhere. I should know as porkie eater is me. With the HOEGAARDEN draught, it made my meal complete and satisfied.

  14. Cool comments. Talking about pork knuckle, I was at this pretty new place in bandar puteri. It’s behind Old Boy Kopitiam called the “KEG” bierhaus. the pork knuckle combo was tantalizing.. to my surprise they had almost all the imported draught beer that you can find la. you name it.. from c’berg, franzinkaner dunkel(my all time favourite), erdinger, stella, hoegaarden and even connors stout on tap(new irish stout). We also ordered the sausage combo which was for 2 people. the ambience was very nice especially where we sat was the sofa lounge at the end. I really had a good experience with the food & beer. hats off!!!

  15. I tried at Stadt Puchong last week. I found the food is quite bad lor.

    I guess that they deep fried the pork knuckles instead of roasted, it taste bitter cause the skin is burned and the meat is very dry too.

    The sausage also don’t taste special and good. The side dishes seems like already keep long in freezer.

    The apple strudles that i waited for long also disappointed me, it taste so comman like those pastry selling at Bakery house :(

    I didn’t complaint on the spot cause is my choice to celebrate my birthday with my hubby there. Although my hubby didn’t make noice but from his face, i can tell how bad is the food actually.

  16. This shop has closed, my guess is it owes it to their terrible service. It failed to provide even the most basics of services, turning me those i know away from it. And their food is sub-par to begin with.


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