Steamed Rice


Recently, the hawker center beside Snake Temple had many hawkers missing. The char koay teow, nasi lemak and curry mee/kueh teow th’ng stalls have either moved to other places or ended their businesses. A pity because all of them are quite good.

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Anyway, a new stall selling steamed rice has been set up about a month ago. There are three types to choose from: mushroom chicken, pork ribs and salted fish. Among all I found pork ribs’ the nicest. It basically tastes like claypot rice, minus the burnt rice lol. Not a food you can usually find in Penang, and the RM3.50 price is reasonable too.

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  1. Hi BM Kia,

    I used to work in Bayan Lepas many many years ago, I recall we used to go to a very famous Malays food stall near by the road to the airport, is the Malay store still there? Snake food court, I can;t remember, must pay visit to the food court if I went back to Penang.

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