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Street Food @ Open Air Food Bazaar, Patong Promenade Plaza


The first thing we did after landing on Phuket was to look for food. There are many restaurants nearby our hotel alright but our sights were set on this open air food bazaar instead. It was located next to the Patong Promenade Plaza and there were easily twenty to thirty stalls, albeit some serve the same dishes.


Grilled river prawns should be the most delicious dish we had, they are so fresh! Anyway, if you are wondering why the prawns always come out perfect, it’s because they actually boil them first before placing them on the grill. The grilling takes maybe only a minute or so on each side just for the extra aroma so the flesh is always juicy and succulent.


The prawns are not cheap but look at the amount of meat each prawn has! I think it’s a dish worth paying for and the locals are really lucky to be able to enjoy this dish in their daily lives.


Pork satay – made by flattening an adequate amount of fat and meat together for that crunchy and tender texture. No extra dipping sauce is required because they are already quite sweet and flavorful on their own.


BBQ Pork Ribs – not bad for hawker standards, the only downside is that it felt kind of dry. Maybe it would had been better if I bought it from the other stalls.


Tomyam – nothing special and kind of expensive too.


I could never resist buying Mango Sticky Rice if I ever see it. Luckily it did not disappoint but the one we had at Bangkok is miles away better than this.


Even though I wouldn’t rate the meal we had here as fantastic, it is in fact one of the more pleasant and affordable ones. Based on my experience with Thailand’s local food so far (may it be at a hawker stall or food court), most of them are pretty good at what they’re doing because of the stiff competition. You’d rarely go wrong eating street food here unless you’re really unlucky and happened picked a lousy one lol.

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