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Seafood Pork Noodles @ Sun Sea, Taman OUG

Sun Sea Pork Noodles with Seafood
Sun Sea Pork Noodles with Seafood

Sun Sea Pork Noodles with Seafood

For the grandest looking pork noodles, you will never go wrong with the one Sun Sea in Taman OUG. The first time I ate here was about 6 years ago when I was still working in PJ.
After that, I never came back because of the sheer distance to travel from where I stay. You can also find which I think, is quite possibly the best Penang Curry Mee in KL here as well.

Sun Sea Seafood Pork Noodle Stall

Sun Sea Seafood Pork Noodles

On a normal day, it is not unusual to see a bowl of pork noodles on every table in the coffee shop. What makes the pork noodles here different (not better) from the rest is that they also incorporate seafood into the dish. When my noodle arrived it looked so darn impressive that even the patrons seated next to us walked over and took photos of it.

Seafood and Pork Noodles

If you are willing, you can go all out and order a bowl with extra seafood may it be prawn or squid like this. It won’t cost you an arm or an leg, but be prepared to fork around RM20. That might seem expensive but looking at the amount of pork and seafood you get, I think that’s a fair price to pay.
Frankly speaking, I’d rather pay for this than have an all day breakfast filled with processed food at some cafe. Unfortunately, that’s also a sign of me getting old.

Fresh Sea Prawns

Taste wise, I am sure you won’t be disappointed unless you’re expecting it to be the best tasting pork noodles in the whole world. With the addition of seafood, the soup is clearly sweeter but it also took away some porky goodness from it.
So for those purist out there who like their pork noodle as it is, then this probably might not be as enjoyable. And if I really had to nitpick, the prawns are not as firm as I would like. Otherwise, it’s a delicious and filling treat that I wouldn’t mind returning to.

Sun Sea Pork Noodles Stall

Despite the long queue of orders, they are served relatively quick because there are always two people cooking. On weekends, the traffic and lack of parkings could be frustrating due to the proximity of a wet market.

Restoran Sun Sea

Sun Sea Kopitiam 山海茶餐室

Jalan Hujan Rahmat, Taman OUG
58200 KL
Business hours: 7am to 2.30pm

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  1. Tried the pork noodle once and it was mediocre at best, the soup was lukewarm and the taste is just too mild, can easily find a better pork noodle than this store.

  2. Certainly overrated! Pork noodle should be pure pork only. What the heck with the seafood thrown in? Only come to this dirty restaurant for the Kuantan road curry noodle which is good!

  3. Tried it twice. Sit nearer the stall and you will see the difference. When either cooks (both males) take a toilet break, another person takes over – in my case the woman helper. When that happens, the taste is difference due to the amount of components added by a “new” hand.

    Also, later (after 1.00pm), the soup tasted weaker maybe due to the components added or left out. However, there was more ingredients from my first try. Suspect water was added to the soup to finish the day’s portions… only my guess.

    There is another similar place in the old Peking Hotel in Brickfields (already torn down). In comparison, they put more lard into the bowl of soup. Prefer Sun Sea… less oily but equally as tasty if not better.


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