Sungai Dua Bak Kut Teh


USM students are a lucky lot. Food is at all corners for them. You name it, they have it. Nasi kandar, fast food, Baskin Robbins, bak kut teh and a number of hawker centres. Compared to my life back in MMU Cyberjaya, I have nasi goreng ayam almost daily.. that was painful. Even the nearest hawker centre with edible food is 25 minutes’ drive away.

What used to be Makro beside USM has been taken over by Tesco and became Tesco Extra. And opposite Tesco Extra is a house-turned-bak kut teh stall. A family runs the business in the corner house and business has been pretty good from my observation.

I have only been here twice and found their bak kut teh quite good and very reasonably priced. A person’s serving is usually enough for 2, and I even topped up on the rice. They offer 2 types of rice here, either plain or yam rice. I still prefer to have bak kut teh with plain rice. Having it with yam rice just seemed weird, although I never tried it before.

Besides bak kut teh, fish head meehoon and porridge are available here too. The meat balls are the best, so sweet and tender. I never eat bak kut teh without extra meat balls lol.

A meal like this costs RM9.30 and we didn’t order any drinks. There’s an old uncle selling sugar cane juice at RM1.20 per cup. Very recommended.

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  1. Yupz…reasonable portion, reasonable price but i think its okay oni wor….GOne there twice tho I’d been studying in USM for 2 sems now. Should go on Saturday…after makan, can makan summore at Pasar Malam. Hohoho….The yam rice taste okay but I had bad experience. Both times order, both times also the rice got sand : P

  2. Thanks for sharing the awesome photos! I’m always a big fan of Bak Kut Teh ;) so thank you so much for the recommendation! Woah it’s nice to know that they serve fishhead beehoon too, since it’s my parents favourite. So next time when we go there maybe I’ll ask them to bring me there – they get to enjoy their fishhead beehoon while I savour the bak kut teh! :)

  3. Another one worth checking out is at Sg. Nibong, opposite Lau Ti Fang. They only operate during dinner time. Can smell their Bak Kut Teh from 100 meters away. Happy food tasting. :)

  4. oo..i don’t think it’s dat nice..i tried d soup when my fren order bkt..taste juz like bitter herbal soup..there’s 1 shop in menglembu,ipoh,selling bkt’s tasty n i strongly recommend their ‘pork stomach pepper soup’’s near d new residential area..4gotten d name

  5. want best bak kut teh? of course not in KL lah….. must go Penang……

    1. near Jawi, road side restaurant, local ppl sure will know…. a bit difficult to find if u are 1st time going there….

    2. in Tmn Sri Rambai, got 2 shops, those 2 shops are just opposite of each other, and the worst is that they are 99% same name (unbelievable right?), but only 1 is the BEST. if u come from the traffic light (residential area), the shop will be on your right. if u come from chicken valley restaurant and ther supermarket (forget the name) side, the shop will be on your left. it is very easy to spot those 2 shops because at night time there will be lots cars lots of customers…..
    hint: the other shop got a banner featuring chef Ah Hong, i wonder which idiot took him there……

    3. in Chai Leng Park, Butterworth, the shop just behind the old Fajar, located near Beng Huat chicken rice and the famous Pelita restaurant. i eat bak kut teh there since i was a kid. and for those who want extra dishes there, u can order the curry fish head from different stall. just imagine, u get 2 best dishes in 1 shop, simply awesome…..

  6. I like this Bak kut teh very much seen i was a child. The boss here is very friendly and he can remember mostly each of his customer taste. He even sell dried bakkutteh that cook directly using the ‘pou’ . i seen some sellar use to fried the dried bakkutteh and it taste not very good. this stall’s soup is enough taste that better than the other that just have the colour of the soup but taste like normal drinking water. i fully recommend this.


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