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While I was back working in Penang, there seemed to be a surge in Japanese restaurants in KL and Selangor, among the many is Sushi Zanmai. Before this, I have already read lots of good comments about them being the preferred sushi joint. Last weekend, I finally paid Sushi Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid a long-awaited visit. Since it has been open for nearly two years, I bet many of you have tried the food before.


We only took sushi from the conveyor belt and a few other items for the entire meal, didn’t order any set meal or noodles they have. Perhaps next time. This is a nice one with salmon slices sandwiched between the with sweet and spicy mayonnaise.


I noticed many Sushi Zanmai’s sushi are topped with various mayonnaise (you’re gonna see this word many times lol), quite different from what other sushi joints are offering. It sure adds a lot of flavor!


Scallop sushi, very nice! The pricing for Sushi Zanmai’s sushi (according to plate color): cheapest is Blue @ RM2.80, Pink @ RM3.80, Black @ RM4.80 and Red @ RM6.00.


Ball shaped sushi wrapped with Ebi and topped with mayonnaise and fish roe. The look was good enough for me to take it, lol.


Unagi sushi, the unagi slices are pretty thin though. But, tastes good nonetheless.


One of my favorite cheapos, Tamago sushi. I like how they spiced up the presentation using the mayonnaise and made it look a lot nicer.


Some pretty normal maki with crab and mayonnaise filling.


Same thing like above, but different ingredients on the rice.


Chawanmushi @ RM4.80. This is good stuff and comes with fresh prawns. Well, you can’t see them because they are at the bottom of the cup.




The service is good as well, at least my green tea is constantly being refilled without having to ask. Unlike others eg. Sushi King where you have to raise your hands and wave like mad to get the waiters’ attention lol.


Total damage for the nice meal was RM46.70 (10% service charge, 5% tax), which also included a miso soup which I didn’t show, ocha and wet tissue. Wet tissue, hmm. Verdict? Thumbs up and a confirmed return customer!
By the way, I had some trouble looking for this restaurant in Sunway Pyramid and the information kiosk wasn’t a great help. So, the easiest way to locate it is to look for Kim Gary because Sushi Zanmai is just on top of it.

Sushi Zanmai
Lt 0B2-F1, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre,
Tel: 03-74923080

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  1. this place is really soooo popular… but a little expensive for fastfood jap right? some portions are soooo small !

    cumi&ciki’s last blog post..the bulge

    vk: Haha, it’s still ok for me.. I thought it’s just about RM1 more expensive compared to other jap restaurants.. most important is the taste right :) Anyway I have to agree with the portions especially the ones in red plates, that’s why I didn’t take any!

  2. Wah! All the sushi look so tasty. Drooling in the early morning.

    Wonder if it’s going to open one franchise at Penang?

    allie’s last blog post..Claypot Restaurant

    vk: They certainly should! Queensbay or Gurney Plaza seem like a good place for them.. then Sakae Sushi will have a good competition

  3. Wah! RM1 more expensive for RM2.80 plate is already 64% more!
    So U now earn Ringgit KL rich already lah :) We still earn Penang Ringgit u know?

    vk: Same goes for hawker food, what’s RM2.50 in Penang, it’s RM4.00 here.

  4. I’m a japanese food lover. Sushi King standard was good few years ago but has dropped tremendously. And I discovered Sushi Zanmai when it first opened.

    Since then, i said byebye to SK and am a regular at SZ!

    vk: For me, even before I tried Sushi King, I have already given up on them. Because I discovered Sakae Sushi! haha

  5. I always wanted to eat at Sushi Zanmai again, but they’re always full & with long queues. Maybe I should go at 10.00 am lah pulak…

    lina’s last blog post..Birthday Dinner At Tony Roma’s

    vk: I went on a Saturday noon, surprisingly it was quite empty that time. Different outlet different crowd I suppose.. I see the one at 1 Utama is always full!

  6. Hi, do you have zanmai number??Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks so much!

    vk: Hi Nicole, the number for Sunway Pyramid branch is 03-74923080

  7. Yeah, good place for good Japanese food. I like the ambience. Feel like eating sushi now *yum yum*

    vk: If sushi was only cheaper.. I could eat it everyday, lol

  8. For me, the highlight of Sushi Zanmai is that they serve REAL crab meat as opposed to those crabsticks served in normal sushi shops. I really love their kani sushi! Not to mention their prawns are also fresh! Yum!

    Lynn’s last blog post..?

  9. ya…i agree with you all…i am not a japanese food lover cox i dun like to eat raw food, but i really like the sushi there…nice and special…the environment aso very nice…

  10. noticed all comments posted are quite long ago…ventured there with my family…..nothing great… fact was welcomed by houseflies (real big ones), old utensils (some chip-off at edge), lousy service and i pity the Supervisor/Manager-in-charge

  11. guys ive been there alot of times and worked part time before now rising for 2month… that place is really good wanna have some recommendation?

    Soft shell crab maki – very nice among makimono
    ebiten ebikko maki – the quality is okay but 3rd for me
    cranky salmon maki – 2nd best

    Sukiyaki – lovely soup
    Toro Salmon(sashimi,sushi)
    yasai miso shiru – those who like miso soup must try this <3
    Salads – All are nice im not joking but for me i prefer the one with chicken on top i forgot the name haha ….

  12. Today I went to Sushi Zanmai in Sunway Pyramid. The foods are delicious. I would definitely go back to Sushi Zanmai with the food quality.

    Before I went there, I did some research about this japanese restaurant. My friend said it was delicious and I saw reviews online saying the foods are awesome, a little bit expansive but it’s worth it and so on.. I had a very very good impression on Sushi Zanmai. But their service is not what I am expecting.. I was so disappointed..

    First, they didn’t greet us with their beautiful smile. That’s not important.. When I asked for refill (cold ocha) to one of the waitress, she said ok and after 5 to 10 minutes, no one came to refill.. I asked the second time and no one came again.. I saw one of the waitress refilled for the customers who sat in front of us but why didn’t she come over and refill for us? It’s just a few steps apart! Aren’t you suppose to take a look other tables with an empty cup when you refill for others??? But thanks God, I asked for the third time and someone came and refilled it for us. Gosh!

    Is this kind of service that they are suppose to give us?

  13. Sunway Zanmai is a big ‘YUCK’ in all aspect! i will not go back again!
    highly recommend Zanmai Low Yat! everything is Pro in Zanmai LY.


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